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Is Your Dog A Snob??

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Whenever our pups meet someone new away from our house, they have such totally different reactions!!


Pepper openly loves everyone and will play fetch with everyone.


Poppy, on the other hand, won't. He will simpy walk away. Grabbing the ball and dodging pats and attention until he gets to me.(He just wants to drop the ball at my feet and play catch).


Even if they talk to him or call him by name. He won't even acknowledge them!! (Even if we aren't playing ball).


Is this normal BC behavior? He will suffer petting and all but doesn't initate it or even seem to enjoy it from strangers.



Now if people come in the house then he is different. He will greet them and all and be friendly.

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Both of my girls love people. It's other dogs that they are snobs with.


They could care less if they ever had to "put up" with another dog.

They are not aggressive towards other dogs but would rather be the only two on the planet. So I guess you can call them dog snobs.

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Kessie used to be a complete attention sponge until I started taking her to university regularly. I give her the cuddles she needs, my fellow students give her the cuddles she thinks she needs, and then some. She loves it, but apparently it's enough.

She's become a little bit more aloof with total strangers now...though you'd never notice if you hadn't known her before.

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Tiga loves everyone and everything. Not always such a good thing, but he wants to say hello to every person and dog that he meets. He's only a snob with me sometimes if he knows I'm leaving to go somewhere without him. Then he'll turn his nose up in the air and away from me and won't look at me.

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Jacko is always the one dog welcoming committee at the dog park. He hears or sees someone at the gate and he goes a-runnin', lying in wait, to meet the new guy or gal. He likes people, but he prefers the dogs. Once he has met the dog (any ideas on how to teach him to wait until the dog has its leash off?!) he usually looks for a pet from the owner and then he's gone again.

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