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"catching" toys w/ "hands"

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Hello all,

I joined just to ask this question. A story will follow after a few replies...so please check back. But the question is this:

Have any of you out there seen this, or is this considered normal for the breed, that a dog that catch their toy w/ their front paws? Particularly frisbees and footballs?

My dog catches her football w/ her front paws and then will drop it before she lands. Sometimes she will catch it up further on her arms and get it in her mouth before she lands and therefore has caught it. :eek:

Seems highly unusual and I am DESPERATE to know if anyone else has a dog doing this!!!


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Kessie uses everything she's got when going after a ball, including her paws. She uses them for getting treats from hiding places, too, and to reach for the ball when I try to get her to walk past it without picking it up.


As for the Big Ball, she tries hard to stuff it down her throat but she can't:



Kyla doesn't use them so much yet, but the one thing she uses them for - stuffing my hand into her mouth (she's a little joy-biter :rolleyes: ) - is maybe not all that different from catching a toy.


Using the "hands" to catch something wouldn't surprise me in a BC at all. Oh, and welcome to the boards of course

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My Lab/GSD/BC mix attempts to catch his toys with his paws first lol

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Hmmm. "Scrubs" . . . Melanie, at the risk of sounding extremely ignorant -- I'm afraid I don't know exactly what "Scrubs" you mean. (I did a Google search and it looks like there is a TV series by that name. If its television related, I am a total moron, and I have to confess that I'm very television illiterate. If it's a sports team, I'm equally deficient. :rolleyes: Now if it was a book . . . :D

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Scrubs the show is great! ;D It's a silly series about hospital residents ;D I love it!

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Thanks so much for the response...

The reason I asked is this.

Grab your hankies... and if you are sensitive or skiddish...beware, the following is graphic.

Last year my dog of 9 years died a horrible death.

She was a BC/Blue Heeler mix.

She was smooth coat and had blue merle where the white would have been. She was BRILLIANT!(As we all know!)

She was a hoot! She had a lot of very bizarre behaviors...she would bark w/ her "blue ball" in her mouth...sometimes she would bounce it off her nose or off the wall, she would "swim" by chasing reflections while barking & splashing the water, she would chase thunder & lightning...she would also "catch" her frisbee w/ her paws; I'd never seen a dog do that.

She began to vomit voilently one day & I took her to the vet.

No one knew what was wrong w/ her.

Some years earlier, at the age of 4, she had impacted her anus area during a 'frisbee accident' and began to have seizures. She was on pheno & her liver enzymes became elevated after a time. She also had PF (mostly occurs in German Shepherds).

Anyhow, we took her off the pheno and her enzymes levels were still very elevated. We had emergency surgery. Her gall bladder was enormous along w/ an inflamed intestine & liver nodules.

She barely survived the surgery and kept throwing up her meds. Finally it looked as if she might make it. I live in Texas & last year was one of our hottest summers on record. In a drought, the rain finally came. She looked up at me w/ those soulful brown eyes...she was feeling so much better, and then she did her little jig...dancing in place & begged to go outside to go chase her precious lightning. I opened the door. My heart sank. As she bolted out, I knew I had made a disasterous mistake. A few days later I grabbed my necklace w/ the locket I always wore...in it was one of her puppy teeth & a whisker...the chain broke. My heart sank. A few days later, her stomach became enlarged & HOT!!! It kept getting larger & hotter. I took her to the emergency room & finally to a specialist who drew some fluid from her belly. It was her bile duct. There was a leak. When they got in there for the second time...they found her organs had all but boiled...they had to put her down on the table.

I swore I would never get another dog.

I almost got fired from my job.

I still cry like a baby and probably always will.

I went almost every day to the shelter...to get my dog "fix"....

I impulsively and very unpreparadly (sp?) got not just one, but two new dogs...within a year.

Part mistake.

Part,well...I don't know...frustrating.

Dani & Keele.

Dani is most likely a pure BC.

Keele is a funky mix...w/ big ass ears!

I went to the shelter after I saw Keele on the shelter web site...her photo reminded me of Neesa.

One day I was throwing Keele her football while stretched out on the sofa and out of the corner of my eye...I saw something very familiar.

I sat up and threw the ball over and over again.

Over and over again, Keele was "catching" the football w/ her "hands".

I burst into tears.

She also barks w/ one..and only one...of Neesa's old 'blue' balls in her mouth; the rest are enshrined. She throws her toys in the air & then catches them like Neesa (which I know is common).

But I had NEVER...in my life...with all the dogs in my life...had never seen a dog try to catch a toy w/ their hands till Neesa came along.

And now Keele.

For a brief momonet I thought I had her back.

But I don't...I have Keele...and she is a fun dog.

She is not Neesa.

She just catches her toys w/ her hands.

Thanks to all.

Thanks for indulging me.

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Fergie should be a TV mascot for the ACC, You should see how she grabs her cloth basketball from the air.


And she sure uses her paws to grab other toys.


But she uses her nose to toss sticks in our local field - and down the street. Yup, she gets her nose under the stic, tosses it in the air, grabs it, then tears it (literally) libm from limb.

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That's a sad and nice story. Sorry for the loss of your girl :rolleyes: and congrats on your two newer pooches.

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What a horrible way for a great dog to go. No dog will take her place in your heart where she left a hole, but other dogs will surround that hole and make it happier.


I really think that BCs are eventually going to grow opposible thumbs! They will probly take over the world if they grow them and master speach!LOL

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Sorry for your loss :rolleyes: Riven is amazingly great with her paws. The cat swats her as she walks by and she turns and swats the cat. I've never seen a dog swat a cat lol. She picks things up with her paws as well. When she's happy, she rolls on her back and puts her paws in the air like she has a question.

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I was just wondering this very thing the other day. Violet has started using her forepaws to catch her flippy-flop, the way Dazzle is doing in the pic above.


DH has started calling her T.O. I tell him she's not only got a far sweeter disposition, but she's better looking too!

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