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Atopica for allergies?

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Does anyone have any experience with Atopica? Tiga just started taking this for his allergies. It just became available in Canada. He's been on Vanectyl P for quite a while. We had allergy testing done and the list of things he's allergic to is pretty large. He's only had 2 so far and he has to take the Vanectyl P with it until the Atopica starts doing it's thing. There is a chance that it won't work but the side effects are way less harsh so we're hoping that it works.

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Here at the hospital where I work, we prescribe quite a bit of Atopica with great results.


The nice thing is there aren't a lot of the same side effects experienced with prednisone and other allergy drugs. However, once on Atopic, a patient usually has to remain on it for their lifetime.


I don't know how it is priced in Canada, but here in the US it just came down about 33%. Novartis also has some pretty good coupons for it too. Ask you vet if they have some because here some of the dosages have a $75 coupon.



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Thanks for the reasurrance! I will ask about the coupons. I know that it's definitely more expensive then the Vanectyl P. We've pretty much given in to the fact that he's going to have to be on something for his allergies for life but it seems like with this the doseage had a possiblity to decrease as it gets in his system.

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