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o/t - 12 Planets in our solar system instead of 9!

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For anyone that is in love with pluto and didn't want it to become a non-planet (like me :rolleyes: ), well, now they are thinking about having 12 PLANETS instead! (Pluto included!). So, just for any other space loving people.....


I thought it was pretty interesting. So, think about welcoming Ceres, Pluto, Charon and 2003 UB313 into our solar system


Here is the news link:



And a picture:



By the way, more planets means that anyone going with a "space theme" for dog names has more options now! :D

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Actually, to be picky, Xena is the planet's nickname; thus, the dog's registration papers would read "2003 UB313", although one might call it by the name "Xena" in public, because going around the neighborhood calling, "Here, 2003 UB313!" might cause neighbors to wonder about one's sanity. (My brother once had a cat that he named "Cocaine"; I will leave the scenes around his condo complex to your imagination...)

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