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Well, I decided to go ahead and put Dreamer, our Sheltie, in this class. I am going to start Nykie in the Obedience class starting in the middle of June and then, once completed, she'll go straight into the agility class, which is just a 4wk ground work and getting familiar around the obstacles class. By the time she starts the agility class, she'll be about 7 months old, so she won't start any real obstacle training until 8 months, and from what the trainer told me, she is extremely cautious with pups, because of their joints and growing, so any jumps wouldn't be more than a couple of inches off of the ground (low enough for her to walk over). I forgot to ask her at what age she starts the weave poles. What age do you all recommend for that?

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Sounds like a good plan, Michelle. As far as weaving goes, from what I've read, it's the actual bending that puts undue pressure on the developing spine - so it really depends on which method you use. (For anything involving a lot of bending - probably 12 months or so). I would think you could start on channel weaves, or V weaves laid pretty flat earlier than that. For weaving, it's good to have both a stay/wait - so you can go to the other end and call the dog through - and a "go-out to a target" - so you can send the dog through the channel or the Vs. To my way of thinking, that promotes independenct obstacle performance.

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