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And Our New Border Collie is . . .

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Dean!! A tri-color merle!! He's 10 months old!


He absolutely stole our hearts and we already love him as much as our original three!! He's a love!


Here are my Border Collies!!




And all of us together:




He sure stands out in that crowd!!

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He's a handsome devil. Well, all of your dogs are.


I don't know why, but I really like those merles. I love the "black and white" too, but I think the variety is what gives the breed a lot of its interest---the uniqueness each BC brings to the table.


In a totally unrelated non-sequitor, I am exhausted---it was bath time at our house tonight. I do the two of them and then I have to have a shower (I'm wet from head to toe anyway....). I'm exhausted. I looked at that picture and said, "Man, bath time at their house must be interesting...".

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