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And now, Royal Canin

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Egads, this is a broken record:



April 19, 2007


Dear Royal Canin USA Customer,


It is with sincere regret that I inform you of a new and unfortunate development with some of our pet food products.


Although we have no confirmed cases of illness in pets, we have decided to voluntarily remove the following dry pet food products that contain rice protein concentrate due to the presence of a melamine derivative.


ROYAL CANIN SENSIBLE CHOICE® (available in pet specialty stores nationwide)


- Chicken Meal & Rice Formula Senior

- Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Puppy

- Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Adult

- Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Senior

- Rice & Catfish Meal Formula Adult


ROYAL CANIN VETERINARY DIET™ (available only in veterinary clinics)


- Canine Early Cardiac EC 22™

- Canine Skin Support SS21™

- Feline Hypoallergenic HP23™


We are taking this proactive stance to voluntarily recall these products to avoid any confusion for our customers about which Royal Canin USA products are safe and which products may be affected.


Pet owners should immediately stop feeding their pets the Royal Canin USA dry pet food products listed above. Pet owners should consult with a veterinarian if they are concerned about the health of their pet. No other Royal Canin diets are affected by this recall and CONTINUE TO BE safe for pets to eat.


In addition, Royal Canin USA will no longer use any Chinese suppliers for any of our vegetable proteins.


This decision to recall some of our dry pet food products is driven by our philosophy that the “Pet Comes First”. The safety and nutritional quality of our pet food is Royal Canin USA’s top priority. Pet owners who have questions about this recall and other Royal Canin USA products should call 1-800-592-6687.


On behalf of the entire Royal Canin family, our hearts go out to the pet owners and everyone in the pet community who have been affected by all of the recent recalls. We are as passionate about the health and happiness of our customers’ pets as we are of our own, so we are committed to taking the steps necessary to ensure this never happens again.




Olivier Amice

President and CEO

Royal Canin USA

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Pet food contamination probe gets wider


By Jonathan D. Rockoff


Baltimore Sun


April 19, 2007


An industrial chemical linked to the deaths of 16 pets and recall of more than 100 pet foods in the United States has been found in a third ingredient shipped from China, federal health officials said Thursday.


Tests conducted by a South African pet food company, Royal Canin, found melamine in a shipment of corn gluten from China.


The discovery deepens American investigators' suspicion that Chinese manufacturers purposely laced pet food ingredients with melamine to raise the value of their shipments, federal health officials said. Melamine, a plastic derivative not approved for use in food, raises the level of protein in an ingredient so it can be sold as gluten.


'It would certainly lend credibility to the theory that [the contamination] is intentional,'


said Stephen F. Sundlof, director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the Food and Drug Administration. To pursue the theory, investigators want to inspect Chinese suppliers, but they have so far failed to get visas.


The FDA does not believe any contaminated corn gluten was shipped to the United States, Sundlof said.


To conduct inspections, the FDA has been stopping all Chinese shipments of wheat gluten, another pet food ingredient found to be tainted with melamine.


The agency is not stopping corn gluten shipments at the border yet, but Sundlof said the FDA is expanding the number of imported products it is testing and it may add corn gluten.


Confirmation of adulterated corn gluten comes just days after another pet food ingredient shipped from China, rice protein concentrate, was found to be contaminated. On Tuesday, Natural Balance Pet Foods announced it was recalling all venison dog products and venison cat food because they contained rice protein.


A second pet food maker that adds rice protein concentrate to its products issued a recall Thursday. Blue Buffalo Co. recalled one production run of Spa Select Kitten dry food after test results confirmed the presence of melamine, according to its Web site.


Blue Buffalo, a Wilton, Conn., producer of natural pet food, said it is recalling 4,752 bags of the dry cat food. They all bear the production code 'Best Used By Mar. 07 08 B.' The company said it was able to prevent most of the bags from entering retail distribution.


Three other pet food makers may have received tainted rice protein concentrate, said FDA officials, who declined to name the companies because their investigation has yet to confirm the presence of melamine.



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Well, here goes! Up until now none of the foods I feed have been affected because none of them have gluten, but Sammie eats Wellness Simple Food solutions and it's made with rice protien.


Wellness has a statement on their website that none of it has come from any of the suppliers that provided Royal Canin with the contaminated rice protein, but still . . . argh!!

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