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Lukes Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Luke! I love the Puppy-1 year photos. He was a precious baby...and still is. :rolleyes:

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Happy Birthday Luke!! Time flys doesn't it? Give him a big hug from me.

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Yes time fly like crazy... I just got a movie in on starting your BC on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks and I got a book to "A Way Of Life" about Glen Jones and I am reading and watching like crazy lol... There is no one near her to take lessons from, I am looking for some sheep but they are hard to find around here, so yeah we are buying Sheep "for the dog" Luke is getting spoild! LOL I can't wait to get some sheep and start him. We have horses and he is NOT allowed to go in the pens and not allowed to watch them but it is driving him nuts so it's time to get him some sheep and start him. He seems to have grown up and wants a job all of a sudden.



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