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The Sheep thinks its a dog!

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That's cute! :rolleyes: !


Hmmm...I wonder which football team the sheep will favour in the world cup? I still don't know which team to keep my fingers crossed for ("our" German team is always nice, clean, sober, inoffensive, polite and politically correct - simply pukey puke), so I'll root for whoever this sheep likes .

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Very cute. I had a pet sheep at one stage - orphaned lamb - who thought he was a dog, since he grew up with two Border Collies. He liked to ride in the car when I took him to my friends' farm to be shorn. Darn - I should have taught him tricks like that. He always wanted to get in the house, but it wasn't part of my plans.


And as far as the World Cup goes - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi - or the cricket 'anthem' - Come on Aussie come on, come on.

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