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Speaking of "owned" and "pwnt" . . .

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Here's a funny little story for ya:


My mother in law's dog, Ziggy, has a toy that is made up of a tennis ball and a looped rope, you know, the ones you play tuggy with.


So the other day we were visiting the inlaws when DH decided to play tuggy with Odin with this toy.


Well, for some reason I haven't yet figured out, the rope part was mostly elastic.


And unfortunately for DH, he didn't catch on in time to save him from getting a tennis ball in the eye when Odin let go :D:rolleyes:


Wish I had a pic of it. I swear Odin knew what would happen once he let that ball go, he gave up WAY too easy!!


Anyway, in short, DH got pwnt (or owned) by Odin.


Hope this illustated the meaning of the word a bit for those who don't know what the heck it means

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:rolleyes::D !
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I agree Odin knew what he was doing!!!

GOT-CHA!!!!! bet he had a big BC smile on his face too!!!!! (hope hubbys eye is ok??)


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