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Dog woke up and wasn't able to move back end!


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I only have a brief moment to type as I am currently at school (I am a HS student for those who do not know of me).


About 5 minutes prior to leaving for school this morning, I checked on my dogs before I left and went to feed/water. I called to Just About (about two-years old, slightly overweight) and he was laying on his side, head up, near the gate. He struggled to sit/stand, and I put him back in the "down" position.


I hurridly went to feed my other dog (Almost, just over a year old). I felt on Just About's back end, hips, and spine. I moved joints and extended his leg. He made no inclination he was in pain. I got him to stand up, but he was in a LARGE amount of discomfort as it seemed he was keeping his back end low.


I carried him the rest of the way in, placed him on a comforter in a back room, and then did another quick test for discomfort in his back end. No result.


My mom/dad/myself cannot get him to the vet until after school, WHICH WILL BE DONE! Before leaving I gave him a small amount of water (not too much as he'll have to get up and go to the bathroom, exactly what I don't want) and continued to pat him.


I cried pretty hard after stoking his head and his stomach, and cried at school. As of now I am still upset by this and praying he is just sore.


Please help with anything this could be! We are not sure of his parents/genetics as Just About was purchased as an 8-week pup from a rescue shelter.


He did not seem uncomfortable yesterday, but did not jump around when I went to play, only carried a toy in his mouth. I didn't think anything of this.


Thanks for your time and your willingness to help.


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I hope everything will be fine!


We had a dog some years ago that suddenly was paralyzed in her hind end. It appeared she may have jumped off the bed and slipped on the floor. The vet discovered that a disc in her spine had slipped and was pressing on her spinal cord. He manipulated it back into place (like magic!) and she got up and walked. This never happened again to her in a long, long lifetime.


Let's hope something as simple to fix is your dog's problem.

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Thank you for your warm wishes. I hope more will reply and help me in this.


I just got home after mom picked me up from a band rehersal. I had called her at work and she got off at lunch to go check. She informed me that Just About was still showing the same signs of pain.


Right before picking me up, mom had gone to the Vet's to schedule an appointment. The vet was in surgery all day and we have successfully scheduled an appointment for Wednesday afternoon.


We got home, I ran straight to the backyard, and I called for him. Guess how came bounding up? :rolleyes: Just About! He was still limping slightly, and wasn't running full-speed, but was definatly walking faster and compaired to this morning he has improved greatly.


We have given him two adult aspirin (as recommended by a nurse at the clinic) and are waiting for more results. He has gone to the bathroom (which is his normal behavior upon seeing me... haha) and walked around a bit with me.


It was great, because as soon as I saw him, I started crying thanking God that he was better, and he let this HUGE GRIN slide upon his face and wagged his enormous tail. We kissed and hugged and talked for a bit... and poor Almost, in the back (tied to a leash so he won't encourage 'Bout to romp around with him) was whining... "Just About! Come see me! Be with me! Play with me! LAZY!"


Thanks again for all the support and I do hope everything continues to improve.


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I hope Just-About continues to improve. I had a GSD/Rough Collie mix that was very prone to back problems and sometimes just taking a 2 inch step off of the patio at a slightly wrong angle would cause him to have pain and hind quarter weakness.


Hopefully, the vet can pin-point the issue and JA will be feeling himself soon.

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Unexplained lameness can be related to TBD's too. Anemia is also a sign. Please ask for a tick panel to be done at your vet along with other blood tests. With TBD's they can seem to be lame one moment then look a bit better a few hours later.


I don't mean to be an alarmest but having suffered though TBD's with a dog without proper diagnosis for a long time is something I wouldn't want anyone to have to go though. Better safe than sorry.


Hope all is ok with Just About.



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I totally agree with Kristen--any weird lameness I always suspect TBDs. Better to check and rule that out than to not know and not treat,


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