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Man it hasn't even been a week and these guys are going absolutely bonkers without proper excercise..lol.


I've been teaching them some more training and working on some new tricks but they need to run soooo bad.


They were fixed on the 23rd and although Poppy's week is almost up, Pepper has to go 2 weeks with NO running or jumping- her fav things to do!!


Aaahhhh-This is going to be the longest two weeks of our lives!!

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Well we were keeping Pepper in her crate mostly as she was hurting worse than Popper, But now they are both out.


At first I had them tied at separate corners of the room so no jumping or playing but their barking was driving us nuts...lol.


Now I've got them so they are close enough to touch paws and noses.


This seems to comfort them, as now they just lying there and gently mouthing one another- and are much quieter.

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I hope they get better soon. And I hope you don't go crazy before they do. lol. God Bless

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