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Scout submitting to Rosie, please help

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New issue with the new pup: Yesterday they were finally playing like dogs and Scout went on a running spree and bowled her over. She yelped very loudly and he freaked. (she yelps all the time, he pays no attention unless he has caused the yelp).

He wouldn't play with her the rest of the day, no matter how rude and persistant she was (happened before 8 am this am)


Now today, he is playing again, but has rolled over on his back for her twice!! He made her yelp another time today and we praised him, but he was still freaked out again. I admonished him for rolling over for her, he jumped back up both times.


Is this hopeless? Is there anyway to encourage a submissive dog to dominate the pup? We need him to help with her training. He is a perfect dog and we want her to be perfect, too!!(obviously I am asking way too much to have two perfect dogs, but you get what you expect, right?)


She is very rough with him, biting his eyelids, jumping in his face, climbing on top of him. He is 53#, she is 5#. She is gentle with us.

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Is there anyway to encourage a submissive dog to dominate the pup?
Why in world would you want him to do this? If neither dog is getting hurt, I'd let them develop their own relationship(s).


We need him to help with her training.
Respectfully, this is YOUR job. He is a dog -- you are the owner. Since you have one perfect dog, you obviously did something right. You'll do it this time too. Let the dogs be dogs . . .



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I wouldn't worry about it too much. Make sure you give solo time to both Scout and Rosie consistently, give Scout a place to go and rest where Rosie can't pester him when he needs a break, and let them work it out. If you're really worried, get a trainer to come over and observe.


Other posters who've raised pups with older dogs will tell you that 'puppy license' expires around 5 or 6 months, and that the older dog will then start to correct the pup. I wouldn't admonish him for rolling over for her, nor praise him for making her yelp. This sounds like normal dog stuff, and I wouldn't interfere unless you are afraid for the pup's safety. Doesn't sound like that's an issue.


My experience, having both male and female dogs, is that usually, the male will let the female boss him around. I saw it at the dog parks when I was a regular, all of my friends who have multiple dogs have the same sort of thing that happens. One lady has a 95 lb German Shepherd who is totally ruled by Reba, the 11 lb Papillion.


Have a good time with them - she won't be young for long.


Ruth n the BC3

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Ok, I feel better, thank you. She is just so hard on him, I feel bad for him. He is the sweetest dog

in the world, and I had several talks with him before she came about how he needed to be gentle, blah blah blah. That was before I saw how mean Rosie would be to him!! He has many opportunities to be away from her, we live on 5 acres and he has the whole property. She stays within 10-20 feet of us at all times (watching carefully for when this changes). They are both getting plenty of alone time with us.


If you all think it is ok, I will let them be. I have NO concerns that Scout would hurt her. But obviously, they are still closely supervised.

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Skip seems to "rule" over Jackson too! But, on closer observation, Jackson is letting Skip be a puppy. He knows he can hurt him, but he does not see it as neccesary........yet! There are times when Skip will hurt Jackson, and he lets Skip know! Jackson seems so tolerent of Skip, yet, as Skip is getting older and bigger, their play has also changed. I don't think, unless their is real damage being done, there is any reason to intervene.


On a side note, Jackson even gets upset when I correct Skip! He will try to get in my face, licking me, like, hey, he's just a baby! Course, when I am yelling about my shoes disappearing, EVERYONE scatters! LOL

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Even if Scout does end up being submissive to Rosie, you really do have to let them work it out. I have read that it can put a lot of strain on the pack relationships if you force an order for them - they have their preferences. I wouldn't pay any attention to Scout rolling over - he may get confused and try to please you, but either way it puts more emphasis on it. I'd just ignore it, like I do Zoe's little skittish freak-outs. Definitely don't praise him for it or comfort him, that will just make him think he's doing the right thing.


They will figure it out. I was worried about Zoe for a while because Zeeke plays rough, even though she was less than 1/4 his size, but it's what they do and they've worked out their balance (and she doesn't always put up with it anymore).

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Thats how Abby was with Luke when I first got him. I caught him one day dragging her around by her lip! Anyway, she would always roll over for him and be the submissive one. Now I noticed that he is getting bigger and tougher she is taking him down more often and making him submitt rather then her doing it. So I think she knew he was just a wee baby before and now he is a out of control teenager! Well not out of control but you get the idea!


Luke and Abbys Mom

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Thank you thank you. I would certainly prefer to just leave it alone, I just love Scout so much, I hate to see him abused!! She was more gentle with him today, maybe I made it worse by intervening. Letting them be, she was much nicer.


They are both sweet dogs, so I am sure they will get it worked out.

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