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Fence jumper!!

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I paid less than $200 for my Innotek IF for 3/4 acre of wire plus one collar. We installed it ourselves, though. Mine has rechargable batteries, so there is no cost there. It also has battery backup if the power goes out. I don't leave my dogs out when I am not home, but if I did, I am confident they would not leave the yard. I have known people that put the wire right on the fence to keep the dog from jumping over. The biggest problem with IF and this dog is that if it is installed close to the fence in the ground, it won't stop the dog from jumping unless the field level is set high enough.

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I would not trust ONLY an IF as I do think they learn to "grin and bear" as they jump the fence line. But if attached to an existing high fence, while nothing is foolproof, it just is a bit of added security. They would have to really ignore the correction for up to 20 seconds I believe and none of mine stayed close for more than 3.


Mine has levels that coordinate the distance before their warning signal goes off and the fence itself, I keep it at around 5 feet or so. I no longer have to worry about people trying to pet my dogs through the fence and they are just fine outside without me now and again. We have 100 plus degree weather in the summer and all the dogs stay indoors during the day with the AC, but come evening, it's not unusual for them to want to be outdoors when I want to sleep. And it's ok.



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