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Brief history for those unfamiliar with Wesley's issues - we rescued Wes at 9 months (rescue had described him as super friendly in love with everyone), and at about a year he began displaying some dominance aggression. We were completely devoid of knowledge on this topic, and started researching and working with Wesley. Two behaviorists and two trainers later - we are finally making really hopeful progress. Wesley has not had very many incidents in the past few month (his MO was to growl and snap when he didn't like something - thankfully he has not yet bitten). Our trainer also boards Wesley, has a great repoire with him and is really helping us establish clear, firm and fair guidelines with Wesley and has helped us understand how to correct unwanted behavior. So - for the past few months, my brother in law has been able to spend a good deal of time here without Wesley lunging and snapping at him and we have had a couple of visitors without incident.


Now the not so good... When we got Wes, the first week, we had the walker we were going to use mid-day start coming to take him out. He loves her and thankfully has not displayed any aggression towards her. At one point we tried to mix up his walks with a program where the dogs all take day trips to the woods and the beach to run around, but Wesley growled and snapped at those walkers, so we ended that. Anyway, now, our walker is training a new walker because she plans on taking a few weeks off this summer. She is bringing this walker around with her for a few weeks before allowing her to be alone with any of the dogs. So - she introduced Wes and the new walker Monday and they all walked together. Today and yesterday though, Wesley would not let the new walker in to take him (even with the regular walker there).


Our trainer is going to come observe the interaction to give some suggestions (or determine that this is simply not something we can expect of Wes yet)... but I thought I would put it out there to see if anyone else had some advice for us...



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