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Heck yes! I'm SOOO proud of Joy!

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Ok. Here's a quick rundown on our back yard. It's pretty big, and only has fencing on one side. It backs up to a pretty busy street (if you call 10 cars per minute busy, but hey...it's the burbs). I've been working Joys recall like crazy, in hopes of being able to take her off leash in the yard. I just got Joy an IQube from petsmart, and I've been dying to get her one. I got 10 bucks from dad, and my sister needed crickets and worms for her bearded dragon, so we headed to the store.


WELL! When I got home, Joy was so involved with her toy, and I needed a great stress reliever after having a trying day, so we played fetch with her "cubey" and we ran around until I got a brilliant idea. I called dad outside, got the treats and her 20' long line, and had him hold the line. I enticed her to the end of the line with the little squeaky balls in her cubey, and backed up about 10 feet. I'd call her, dad would let go, and she got tons of her Charlee Bear liver treats, gladly that I found out she loves them and a toss of her cubey. We kept switching off, making sure she would come completely to us. :rolleyes::D :D Finally it got to the point where I was just tossing her the toy, and not calling her back. She would just prance up to me and drop the toy asking for more. I would make sure Joy's leash was straight so if she decided to take off I could step on it, but I didn't need to do that once, with the exception of when she saw my sister running in the distance. That wasn't even stepping. That was more like me panicking and dive bombing her.


I have pictures, when my lazy father uploads them on his computy.

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That's awesome Haleigh!! I bet you are proud of her, and you should be. Sounds like she's coming along. Good work.

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