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We've had Oreo for 18 days. She came home from the SPCA with really mushy, but not runny, poop. A week later there was blood in it and we took her to the vet and found out she had an intestinal infection. 5 days of antibiotics and another fecal test later and she was clear. Her poop was looking totally normal for two days! yay! But today, it's back to being mushy, mushier than ever! I just want my dog to have normal poo!!


It doesn't help that this the first dog that I am personally responsible for, and I am questioning everything. (The current one being whether she's breathing waaay more rapidly than she should be for a dog asleep. Anyone have any advice on that one too?)


The SPCA feeds Science Diet, and she came home with it, but refused to touch it. I'm guessing she wouldn't touch it at the pound either, because she was admitted at 42 pounds, and came home with me at 35 pounds. I switched her to Nutro two days after adopting her, and she is now a very healthy-looking 40 pounds. But after we got this whole bacteria thing worked out I switched her to Chicken Soup, because after a lot of research into dog food ingredients, I liked it. Oreo likes it too, and her appetite is as good as ever. When she had her blood tests and fecal exam done they turned up nothing wrong except the bacteria.


Any advice from experienced dog owners? TIA

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I think it's pretty typical for dogs to have the runs immediately after a change in lifestyle or diet. It's often a sign of stress, or it could just be her adjusting to the new food. How long has she been on it? I would expect 3-5 days of runniness after switching to a new food (even a good one), epecially so soon after a prior switch. These are my observations after just a few dogs though; you may want to hold out for advice from someone more experienced.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I am hoping it is something that easy. As long as she is as healthy acting as she is and is eating well, I think I can hold out a while and see if it improves.


I had already decided on the Chicken Soup for her, but I was going to feed her on the Nutro for a month total before switching again. But the whole Menu Foods thing happened and I refuse to buy another bag of a product associated with them, not so much because of the contamination (because shit happens), but because of the delay in annoucing a recall and the fact that they tested it on (and killed) animals. Oh wait, am I on a soapbox? :rolleyes:


Thanks for your answer!

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