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Found 1 result

  1. I'm curious if anyone has successfully trained their BC to be a therapy dog. I feel like I am constantly searching for purpose in my training with my 14 mo. old BC. I've dabbled in agility, I take her out somewhat regularly for sheepdog class as well as basic obedience. I search for purpose both for her and for me. Seeing her learn about herding is like watching a fish jump in a lake, but I personally don't have much intention or inspiration around livestock. I do, however, have experience in medicine. Has anyone had luck or stories to share about training their BC to be a therapy dog? How early did you start? What was the dogs temperament before you started and how did it change? Were you successful? I ultimately want to find something that allows us to work together and be inspired together. I'm happy throwing the ball for her forever, but I know she and I will want more. Thanks!
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