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Found 1 result

  1. I use positive reinforcement techniques with my pup, and while she enjoys her little treats and toys, I can't make the sessions fun enough. I'm constantly working on a prompt Sit and Down, and often times she will stare at me for a second before complying or slooooowly set her butt on the floor. I've seen a number of wonderfully trained puppies who are eager and happy to sit their bottom down at the drop of the first letter, and honestly while I want that same speedy response, I also want that happy, smiling glimmer in my dog's eye when she executes a command. My problem? Making the commands more fun! Unfortunately I can't come up with ways to do that! She enjoys her treats but she's more bouncy and engaged when I throw one of her favorite toys in as a reward. I've been using the clicker to reward the fastest responses, but she lacks the immediate execution and the eagerness to respond. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm most concerned about obedience commands at the moment. Sit, Down, Heel, walking on a loose lead... I've tried to find ways to turn training into a game so it's more enjoyable for her. I've only been able to teach Stay in that way (when we'd play Hide-and-Seek) and I'm admittedly stumped on the other commands. This is the sort of behavior I'm striving for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=KmvVJssfLDE
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