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Found 1 result

  1. hey guys. I'm new here and was just curious if I bought a mutt or what. the guy said she was pure bc. but I had my doubts especially when he showed me pictures. at first I was told she was daughter of b/w border mom and dad. but then I saw pictures on facebook. the mother was smooth coat black and tan dog, so if she was border she was the rare old old breed that apparently isn't seen around anymore (black and tan barely any white, or so I read on the border collie breed page everytime I google what color they can be) I can't put a finger on what breed the mom is. dad was bc. for sure. but the breeder lied about the mom. my puppy is 6 months and 2 days. very hyper barely listens and food aggressive. does herd naturally, loves to go and chase horses from behind. Loves our baby and everyone she meets, and does excited/submissive pee. I have raised her just like our current border collie who literally is the best dog ever, as I am told by everyone I meet, since i work with dogs. he has an off switch like no other, but new puppy is just not into learning or anything. any ideas of what breed she is?. I am pretty sure not Notolian shep. not great pyr. and not lab...maybe catahoula leopard? (I saw a brown and tan pup once so i thought maybe?) I'm not sure at this point. here are pics of what i believe to be the mom (after the breeder said xyz and I looked farther into his facebook and saw the real mom) this pic is the truth, the mom is the one feeding the pups (which he said was the surrogate..the white one is mine..sorry it is horrible quality. there are also pics of her growing up. thank you for all your help. (she never did the crazy border collie ear transformation from day to day like Parker sorry the pictures are sideways, idk why they are that way.) the breeder ghosted me so I can't contact gum for the truth, I even asked if she was mixed so I could feed the correct food for her size and he insisted she was pure. sorry for the overload! Thank you so much in advance. forgot to add that in the pic you can see he says these are the parents and farther down in another pic someone asks who the parents are and he pictures a completely different dog
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