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Found 3 results

  1. So, I've had my puppy for a week and a half, and she is 12 weeks old today. She's very intelligent and has no trouble learning new things (she picks up most new behaviours within the space of five minutes). But when it comes to housetraining, she seems to be doing no progress at all. Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon, but I've never had a puppy before so I don't really know. When I see her squatting down to pee, I say "No" and take her outside straight away. Once she does her business outside I prasie her to the skies and sometimes even give her a treat, but it doesn't seem to be working. At all. In fact, she seems to be having a lot more accidents lately. Again, maybe this is normal and I may be expecting too much too soon. But I don't know. Then there's recall training. She follows me around in the house and usually comes straight over when I call her, and I know she knows her name because she looks at me every time I say it. But in the garden, she NEVER comes when I call her. She used to look at me and just stare as I called her over, but now she doesn't even look at me. The only way to get her to look at me is to say her name in a wierd voice/accent that she has never heard before. But I'm Running out of ideas how to say her name, and she still doesn't come anyway. I always try to sound as happy and excited as possible when I call her, I run and jump and even try to bribe her with a toy; but it just doesn't work. When she does come (and she always comes in the house), I always prasie her, no matter how long she takes. But this is just getting frustrating. Tips?
  2. Hi everyone: Thank you all in advance for your help and advice. We just got our male puppy yesterday. He is eight weeks old. We have a house with a reasonably-sized back yard. Initially we have decided that he will not be allowed in the house, so we don't want to encourage behavior that tells him that he is allowed indoors. Also, we want to train him so that he always goes in a specific part of the yard. This will prevent future stepping-in-poo accidents and easier to pick up (you know where it is). So, we are confused as to how we should go about this. - One idea is to crate-train him. We would keep him in his crate and take him out frequently to the designated spot, etc. The negative side to this is that he is stuck in the crate most of his day. I am sure he would rather enjoy himself more if allowed free-reign of the yard! - The alternative is to keep him outside and take the sporadic opportunities we will have to catch him in the act to teach him where he should go potty. The problem here is that he will likely develop a habit of going where he is not supposed to and changing that in the future will be tough (or impossible). Also, I have read that 8 weeks is too young to start potty training but he seems able to hold his bladder rather well and has had no accidents in his crate for the day that he has been with us. I would very much appreciate your suggestions. We do not have experience with BC and you all have plenty! Thank you
  3. Since the topic comes up fairly regularly, I thought I'd post this nicely outlined and explained guidelines for training a dog of any age to go outside. http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2010/05/12/four-proved-principles-of-housebreaking-a-dog-of-any-age.aspx?x_cid=ranart_housebreaking-a-dog-of-any-age_facebook-ps-dnm&utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=facebook_page&utm_medium=Dogs%20Naturally%20Magazine
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