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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I have a 2 year old Border Collie called Luna, and she’s having some problems so I was wondering if anyone could help? Around 4 days ago she started drooling a lot, having a really bad breath (way worse than usual), a fever and less energetic, we called our vet and they recommended buying a product to protect her stomach as she had probably just eaten something (she’s an extremely picky eater and doesn’t like dog food) after that she was a bit better then a day later we took her for a check up and the vet said they wanted to run some test but was ok to go home, later that night she got significantly worse, we rushed her back to the vet and she had a fever and they decided to keep her for 2 nights. Yesterday we got her back and she wasn’t the same dog, she was looked and acted as if she was sedated, when we got home she drank water for at least 10 mins. Initially we thought that she was just drained from her stay but as the night progressed she got weaker and weaker, we took her to pee and she was walking side to side, we ended up carrying her back inside as she didn’t want to walk anymore. After that we took her back to the vet but by then she was completely unresponsive. At the vet they spent 2 hours stabilizing her and they informed us that she had a glucose level of 30 (extremely low) this was around 2 am, then again at 5 am she had the same episode at the vet and now apparently she can’t produce or regulate her glucose levels alone.... she had an ultrasound and that came out clear (she has something in her kidneys) her blood test came out fine, no diabetes, urine test came clear. they noticed ulcers in her mouth, she is a bit underweight as she’s a picky eater and we believe she was the smallest from the litter, other than that she is an extremely active dog and relatively healthy. Does anyone have an idea of what she could have or what tests we could run ? thank you.
  2. Hi I need some advice regarding my 6.5 month old collie please. He's been doing so well and I can walk with him off lead almost anywhere, he is very responsive so I can't fault him there. The issue I have is when we meet with my friends dogs (two collies too) and my dog is OBSESSED with the younger of them (they are all males btw), if we are throwing a ball for them he will only chase and copy the other dog, circling/ herding him and nothing can break his focus. I've tried all sorts...running around manic to get his attention, having his favourite toys, favourite treats, loud noises etc. NOTHING will break his focus and he just will state at this dog and constantly run just behind him (or weave Infront). Any advice how to prevent this, and what he's doing? I'm assuming herding but it's only with this dog, and the other dog ignores him but starts growling after a while. It's annoying for me as I can only get him to follow me to leave with his lead on and he pulls against me to break off, then when the other dog is out of sight...he goes back to bring good as gold! Thanks
  3. Im buying a BC tomorrow, the only thing is one of his testicles hasn't 'dropped' yet and they tell me that if it doesn't drop the dog won't be able to register his future puppies in the Kennel Club. Its not a major concern not to have the Kennel Authenticity for future puppies, im more concerned about the well being of a dog and the problems it may bring. Im fairly new in the dog world so i haven't encountered this situation before. Ive done some research and the longest it takes is 6-8 months for the testicle to go in its normal place and some never do. Any one got any experience in this subject with BC's? Thanks, Sebastian.
  4. Our 5 and half month is soo hyper he comes put of his crates after naps and is non stop even with adequate mental and physical stimulation he just ends up over tired and has to be enforced for a nap. He never stops moving and has too much energy I read in Barbara Sykes book 90% percent of border collies receive too much protein in their diet and need 24% or less. Our boys food is 27% however when I look round for kibble with lower protein its soo hard to find it. Anyone have success stories or any recommendations?
  5. Hi All, I've just been away and my 6 y.o. BC was under the care of my father and grandparents. They made her incredibly overweight which i became aware of and asked them to change her diet repeatedly (they are very experienced BC owners so i don't know what happened). Eventually she became injured and my grandmother took her to the vet who said it was most likely a ruptured or torn ligament in her back right leg. I have just gotten home and so have not been able to take her to the vet myself to find out if it is ruptured or torn, as they would have to put her under general anaesthetic and then go on to surgery under the same anaesthetic if it turned out to be ruptured. The problem is that i haven't been able to find a vet who will perform the surgery in rural Australia for under $6000 which i can't afford right now, as any dog over 15kg is considered a big dog so they charge $6000 instead of $1500. We have gotten her weight down to 19kg so far (her usual healthy weight is 15-18kg) and she has been on house arrest for the past few weeks while taking joint medication and having an hour of massaging every day. I'm lost as to what to do- my preference would be to monitor and let it heal at home but that is obviously not possible if the joint is ruptured and not just torn. Any advice/opinions?
  6. So an update and another question for the masses this morning!: I realized that my dog had not fully grasped the concept of me telling her to watch her sheep and I had not understood the importance of her knowing it, so we went all the way back to zero and I just walked around telling her to watch her sheep and walked away from her and them ( in a safe way) I did this enough times that when we would walk up to the fence she was already looking for them. After doing this I noticed a huge increase in her speed and when I would release her to watch her sheep I would name flanks as she took them just by redirecting her with my body, and this seemed to work.. My conclusion is that while she is sensitive to pressure I had made a training error and let it go unnoticed for too long, my question is how would one go about pushing a more sensitive dog off stock? I love posting the day before training, I get such wonderful feed back from y'all!
  7. Hi there as this is my first post please forgive any grammatical or other forms of error when it comes to terminology. So I have a 16 month old mix of the three most regularly recognized "herding breeds" Aussie, Heeler, and Border collie but the border collie comes through the strongest. With her JHD I was told she was rather keen had a medium strength in her eye and was nice to her stock. Now the problem that Iam finding myself faced with when we go for a lesson is that she holds back, like shes concerned with making an error, she doesnt do this every time but it takes a gratuitous amount of praise to get her to speed up and cover correctly, now she had a bad experience with another trainer before hand but her Tentativness stems more from her intelligence. I have let her back myself and the flock into an arena corner and encouraged her to watch em/get em and then gone back in the field and was able to see how much more focused and turned on she was. Iam going to go back into a smaller area today and see if squaring her flanks up better will maybe help her, she also thinks that when I tell her to get out that she is in trouble. Any help would be great Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, This is our first post on here, we are from the UK and we are hoping someone may be able to shed some light on what our lovely young BC might have - sorry in advance as it might be a bit of a long story! We have a very sweet BC who is 1year 4months old. Last year around October time we noticed that she had a small lump on her neck which we monitored for a while and when we were next at the vets we mentioned it to them as we felt it had gotten a little bigger. They weren't concerned and asked us to continue monitoring it. We did this and after a little while decided that we should go back to the vets for them to check it out again, this time they shaved a patch of fur off where the lump were and it revealed a cluster of lumps which covered a bigger area than what we could feel. Our vets still weren't concerned but did say if we wanted to we could do a biopsy which she would have to be sedated for but they didn't really feel this was necessary and so we left again. These lumps have never bothered our BC - only when the fur above it was shaven and irritated the skin a bit, otherwise she was never been scratching them or in any pain from it at all. We decided we wanted to get a second opinion so we went to another vet who also wasn't concerned by the lumps but did give us a course of antibiotics to try and rule out any possible infections and also did say that a biopsy might still be necessary. The antibiotics didn't seem to change the lumps, although with her fur grown back its hard to tell and we'd rather not shave her again as then it does irritate the skin. We have also since tried a recommend homeopathy cream, which after using for a week or so we thought we started to feel the size of the cluster of lumps decrease however we couldn't be 100% sure of that without shaving her. After another week - 2 weeks of applying this cream no further improvements have happened. It looks like we might have to go down the biopsy route but before we do that and make her go through anything unnecessarily we wanted to reach out in as many places to see if anyone anywhere has ever had anything like this before and may be able to give any possibilities as to what it might be and we thought this forum was a good place to start! We have attached a picture of the lumps from when the fur was shaven, it looks red in the picture but this is only because of how the skin was irritated by it been shaven. We appricate any help anyone may be able to give us! Thank you
  9. Hi! We got our Noah when he was 10 weeks old, and told he was a tri color mini aussie from a breeder. I don't think he looks much like an aussie at all, and was wondering if anyone could give their opinions on what breed he is? I think he is a border collie/aussie mix. He is now 4 months old, and weighs 28 pounds!!! Whenever people ask his age, they say "look at those paws! he's gonna be huge!" Also, his fur is very short and slick, I was wondering if you think his fur will get any longer. There are a few photos when he was younger, and some more recent! More recent ones show one of his ears is changing, it sort of just sits to the side now
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