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Found 1 result

  1. I am mostly in a wheel chair. I have not found a dog dummies training book that addresses basic obedience training from a wheel chair. I had my new BC guy taught how to sit at our very first meeting. Kept reinforcing, praising, treating him. I went to work on trying to teach him lie-down stay. I had the female demonstrate what I meant, so that took about a week of watching her lie down to get what I was trying to tell him. He will lie down on command, but not lie down stay. But he can't quite understand what I mean about lying down-stay. He wants to follow me if I move backwards. What I have been doing it count as I tell him to lie-down stay. As long as I am counting and I keep repeating "stay," he does. But I can't move. I think it is crucial to get him to learn this for safety's sake. I would like to do agility with him, but feel that it is very important to have him understand lie-down stay before progressing. I suppose that I would need to be in a class with him, but he has to learn basic obedience first. I have no idea how to teach him to heel with me in a WC. This is uncharted territory. He is also very mouthy. My friend who trains fox hunting hounds (also the mule packer) carries a riding crop when working with hounds. I had been using a fly swatter, now I have moved to a dressage whip as I am down low in a wheelchair. The fly swatter doesn't seem to get his attention as much as the dressage whip. After reading about the 4 month puppy with the nippy bitey stuff, just wondering about my newly adopted rescue BC male. Anyway, I can shriek all I want, or rattle a bag (didn't work). I can shriek and stare at the ceiling. Probably if I could walk away and deprive him of attention then maybe the shriek, then attention withdrawal might work. The dummies book suggested rattling a bag, Sigh, didn't work.
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