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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have started taking a Foundations 1 class with my BC, Bella, and I just have a couple of concerned questions about teaching her to do certain things. The trainer in the class has done a great job explaining what we should be working on, we aren't doing any obstacles except tunnel and a jump on the lowest height possible. I think she does this mainly so we can introduce our dogs to it, plus people sometimes complain when you don't get to do any obstacles at all. I think this is fine because Bella needs some serious confidence building (Also, Bella and another dog in the class are less than 7 months old). I'm mainly interested in the foundation training part first anyway. She has a decent stay, can spin right and left on cue and is responsive to my hand cues. We play the "chase me" game where I throw the toy and try to race her to the toy then throw a party when we get there. I can even throw the ball and have her stay until I reach the ball then release her to come get it (I think that's her favorite). For the life of me, I CANNOT get her to back up onto a surface. I have tried to use like a flat box lid and all she wants to do is put her front paws on it then step off and do back paws. Do you guys think this is okay, will it mes her up in the future? Any recommendations?
  2. Im looking into getting into REAL agility with my next dog. But directionals, fancy jump work has always baffled me to death. Terms like blind crosses, front crosses, and wraps from the front or backs of jumps... Teaching a dog to go behind a jump and come in to you from the right wing... or the left wing? Then take a left or right towards an outward jump.. WHAT? And Kip cap?! WHAT? "Out doesn't just mean get outside of the jump, it can also get out past the jump." How am I to teach a dog all this nonsense if I have no clue when people are trying to teach it to me? I am so confused. How does the dog know the difference? I have always guided my dog by body language, obstacle names, and the occasional. "right" or "left", to have my dog moving right or left out of a tunnel or over a jump. How do we teach the dog different sides of a tunnel? Does that not change when the dog takes it from different angles? I need help.
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