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Found 2 results

  1. My 1 year old border collie blue heeler was doing great in agility but suddenly in the arena she won't go through the tunnel, is scared of the dog walk and is fearful of her trainer. When we are out and about she will go through the tunnel, jump up on high benches without being scared. My trainer is wonderful and extremely knowledgable in the area of agility. Does anyone have any tips?
  2. Ooh boy, from joy and progress to this. So I got Sonic January 12th, and he quickly settled in, so I thought. Had a bit of hand-shyness, so sudden or overhand movements made him leery, but he caught on to treat training pretty quick, so I thought. We were using lots of treats from the get go, but for ordinary things like look aways from the cats (we have 3, 2 are very nervous) and loose leash walking. He's great in the house, reactive to dogs (very, outdoors). So I'm trying to train him to at least do a mini-obedience routine (anything, really) to have some kind of re-direct, or communication with him elsewhere, but now I can't train in the house because he keeps getting scared. I'll be training, mark & treat, and he'll be all excited happy and then suddenly back away from the hand with treat. At that point, there is nothing else to do. He won't take the treat even if I roll it to him. He doesn't want anything to do with me. So I end the session, obviously. I try to figure out what the trigger was, but can't except that it is either my hand with the treat, or the treat, or the house, or me, well, have no clue. We were having fun before, he was playing tug in the house, and chasing balls, and having a blast earning treats. He still plays tug outdoors (in the yard, when he's in the mood, so tugging is getting better, he likes this game). He still takes treats outdoors, so I can still use treats for counter-conditioning, recalls (I'm using a long-line) and very briefly, I lure him into heel position or maybe get him to sit, and in the yard, also down, but I'm really afraid the hand-shy thing will carry over outdoors leaving me with nothing so I'm not doing much training. Worse yet, yesterday, I tried doing the treat thing with no criteria, me sitting in a chair, and rolling treats his way so I wouldn't trigger a reaction, and after about 6 treats he backed out the room and peered at me from behind furniture. So I weirded him out with that too. We are signed up for a special "High Anxiety" class but that is weeks away. My next guess is to just click and treat (have a one treat training session) at odd times during the day, and see if it leaves him asking for more. I am hoping it's still a settling in thing, he is a rescue from a 3rd world country, so probably has been hit or something, has been put through major changes and losses (he was a loved pet there and had complete freedom vs on leash only with me), but it's back-sliding that is worrying me, more than the behaviour, as in why was he getting all nutty and playful and fun with progression from week one to week three and then stop wanting to play (in the house). I hope time will heal this, any thoughts?
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