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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! Looking for some friendly sense check/advice please! We're going away for our first extended break (1 week) with Bailey on Saturday and have been thinking about ways to keep him calm in the new environment. He's just turned 1 and is prone to overexcitement and difficulty settling when away from home. To add to the mix, on this break there will also be 5 other family members and another dog (who is very old and not that well bless her, so won't be in the mood to play with Bailey) - so we're coming up with an action plan to help Bailey, and everyone else, settle in to a nice calm routine as quickly as possible. Our ideas below, any others are welcome! - Nice big walk when we arrive (It's a 5.5hr drive), and of course lots of walks/exercise throughout the week - Ask my family to completely ignore Bailey when we first arrive until his excitement eases, only give him attention once he's managed to sit calmly - Take both dogs out for a short 'sniffy' walk to get to know each other calmly - Introduce him to one room at a time, with lots of bathroom breaks/training of where he can/can't go (he has a tendency to try and mark when there's another dog in the house) - Puzzle feeders, snufflemats and lickimats (we use these anyway) - Lots of chews - Crate (possibly as optional for him, he no longer uses it at home, but we'll put his bed in there in case he wants a quiet space) - Treats to reward calm behaviour/continue practicing relaxation protocol - Stick to a similar routine as much as possible Anything we've missed or other top tips? Thanks in advance! Photo attached as a thank you!
  2. Hello, we are new to the border collie breed and thought we were prepared however, we are out of ideas. Roscoe is almost 14 weeks old and when we are not laughing at his incredibly outgoing personality, he has us bleeding and scared and second guessing everything we are doing. He is super smart and he can be really sweet and then turn on a dime and viciously bite. There are some clues as to why he does this at times however, they are not acceptable behaviors regardless of the reason. He only tends to do this at home when he is in a familiar setting, not with strangers or away from home (or a familiar environment). Some history on him is he came from a breeder who is well known in the area and has bred many champion herding dogs in the past but he no longer uses his dogs for herding he is now just breeding. After having Roscoe for 8 weeks I have realized some of the things I wish the breeder would do differently such as keep the pups for longer than 6 weeks so they had more time to learn correction from their siblings and mom. That said we have had him since he was 6 weeks old and here we are today. We have realized he often bites when he needs to go to the bathroom, however he also bites when we put his leash on. Either way, we are being bit every time he needs to go to the bathroom and this makes it extremely difficult to make it a positive experience. We give him a ton of positive praise for everything he does do well but when he bites we have tried doing everything we know or we have researched. We have tried distracting him when he bites, making growling noises at him, saying no loudly and softly, time outs in his crate, a soft muzzle for less than five minutes, walking away in the other direction to igrnore him, walking towards him to show him dominance. I don't know what else to do, he is drawing blood daily and his biting is now getting so hard it is bruising as well. It has been a challenge to endure this on a daily basis but he is so smart and so sweet most of the time. He obeys commands when he is "on". He can sit, lay down, he will fetch a ball and throw it, he comes when he wants to, walks on the leash, he loves to play and he loves to work in the yard. From his first vet visit the vet could tell he would be a handful. While in the house he is chewing on everything he can, walls, furniture, our clothing (while it is on us), shoes, despite our efforts to give him a very wide assortment of toys, he has a toy box that he can pick his own toys from including chew toys, balls, squeak toys, plush toys, ropes. I have tried all kinds of frozen Kongs (filled with varied treats such as sweet potato, home made apple sauce, small amounts of peanut butter etc.) ice cubes knee caps,marrow bones, antlers etc. we have tried the all natural repellents like bitter Apple spray but he likes them. Outside he tries to eat everything including rocks, sticks, and every plant. We had a scare the other day when he ate rhubarb stalks and we caught him eating a leaf which can be toxic and cause kidney damage. Thankfully, we realized it immediately. He has our attention ALL of the time and gets long walks every day, has contact with people and other dogs and does well with others. We have friends who have 4 border collies and when they are available he gets to do a long 3-5km walk off leash with their dogs and that is a great experience for him as he gets the pack peer experience and exercise. Their dogs range in age from a couple months older than him to 3 years old (one of which is a half sibling of his). We are hoping for any advice about the biting, we can't have a dog that is biting like this. It is not the puppy nipping, we are cleare about the difference between the two. We can deal with his chewing on things and understand that is the puppy phase and we will continue to look for alternatives for him to chew on but his growling and biting can not continue. We are desperate at this point and we are really hoping there are some solutions. We are going to put him in a training class that starts in a couple of weeks but that is mostly a socialization class which will be good for him but we are in a fairly small isolated area and I don't know of any real good dog trainers that could help him. His breeder was a trainer for sheep dogs which may be an option but he doesn't do training or shows anymore he is mostly just breeding. One last minute thought my boyfriend just reminded me of, we have noticed he is often more like this when the weather is bad has anyone else noticed a connection like that? I get migraines during low pressure systems or weather changes and we have had rain storms weekly and that seems to be at the same time as his behavior has been worse... Just trying to find reason to his behavior. Or grasping at straws. I've attached a picture of our beautiful Roscoe and some of the damage he has done to my right hand. My left is the same as well as my leg. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Sorry for the long rambling post. Thank you! Lisa
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