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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, hope this finds everyone well. This will be my first post as a first Border Collie owner. I have had Maggie (now 6 mos) for about 2 months now, and it has definitely changed my lifestyle (for the good!). Training has been great, I'm amazed at how quick she picks up everything I teach her and am excited about the prospect of her being a super awesome companion. I have been going back and forth about crate training her. She knows 'Place' and we have her in our room for when we're away and/or when we go to bed where she has her own bed. What I'm wondering, is it more advisable to crate train her especially for when she gets older? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi all! Looking for some guidance on potential crate anxiety. We are first time dog parents to a four month old Border Collie mix. We have had him a little over a month now. I work from home and, truly, I think this has done him a bit of a disservice as he is rarely crated. The first two weeks we had him, I would try two hour crate naps but it became such a chore to get him in the crate that I stopped (my issue, I know!) He would whine and cry to high hell at night so no longer sleeps in the crate at night and does perfectly fine sleeping on our bed or our floor. No destruction or bad habits. Unfortunately, the whining and crying to high hell is present any time we do try to crate him. He is crated for 30-60 minutes each morning as I workout at home too and if he is out of the crate, he sees my moving limbs as toys and attempts to play, making my own workouts useless and they take twice as long. So, in the crate he goes. We have a VERY large crate, with plenty of room, and his bed, food, and a few safe toys are in it. He will go willingly into the crate because his breakfast is set down in there, but once he realizes he is locked in he bites and paws at the crate, cries, and barks for the entire duration. He never really settles, and I am right in front of his crate the entire time. When we do crate him to leave the house, we have gotten to the point where we have had to force him into the crate. Not something I ever wanted to do, because the crate isn't punishment but I think he sees it as such. He whines, cries, and howls immediately and there have been times we have come home and still heard him crying from outside when we pull up (worth noting that we live in an apartment and have had a neighbor say something). I've come home to him having completely moved the crate by throwing himself against it, and he also managed to drag in a blanket and a toy that were not in the crate when I left. The first time we left him alone in the crate for an hour, he threw up, presumably from anxiety. We aren't gone for more than 2-3 hours a time, as we are mindful that he should be taken out to potty every 3-4 hours. We have been told this is due to energy and boredom, but it feels like a bit more than that to me. He is taken for walks daily, played with in the house, we practice various trainings to stimulate him, and we have a fenced in dog run at our apartment that he goes to several times per day to run off leash. On the evenings or weekends if we are going somewhere dog friendly he always comes with us for socialization and training practice. I'm open to any thoughts, suggestions, or tricks you all may have. We know his puppy months can be really formative to his adult years, so we want to do best by him now so he doesn't grow up with any anxiety issues. The thing we have yet to try are calming treats, but I almost feel bad having to medicate him that way? However, I'm still open to information on that as well! Thanks!
  3. Hi there everyone, I am hoping you can give me some tips to help my 10 month old, Sunny, with his couch zoomies. I have visited the boards many times over the last few months (although this is my first post), and all the wonderful tips and advice has really helped, so thank you all!! For a bit of background info, we do allow Sunny on the couches for snuggles and snoozes. He also has a bed in the living area which is where we are trying to get him to lay when he has treats and toys, instead of the couches (a work in progress, but not the main concern). The main concern is that when he gets really excited about something, he races around the living room and flies from couch to couch. My question is how do I best go about catching him to put him in his crate for a time out? I try to avoid chasing him as best I can, as he loves it and its turned into a game for him at this point. We also have a fairly small open living/dining and kitchen space, so we often end up at opposite ends of the dining table, just waiting for the other to make a move, and then going round and round in circles. Honestly, sometimes its almost comical, but it really is something we need to work on. Most times its only out of pure luck that I manage to pounce on him at just the right moment before he races off again. Sometimes he will flop down after wearing himself out and I can slide up next to him on the couch and grab him. But he is starting to anticipate this and take off again. We have also recently upgraded his crate to a larger size, which now stays permanently in our bedroom. He previous crate was smaller and easier to move from the bedroom to the living room and vice versa as needed during the day (bedroom for nighttime and living room for day time). So previously when he had an episode of the couch zoomies, he would be caught (through great effort) and put in his crate in the living room for a time out. Now though, on top of just trying to catch him, we have to get him from the living room to his crate in the bedroom, which is down a short hallway. Lately, once I catch him I have been putting him on his lead and walking him (most times with some resistance on his part) down the hallway to his crate. Aside from over excitement, the couch zoomies are also triggered when he realises he is going to get a time out for something else he has done, so he will take off before we can get to him. I really appreciate any advice you are able to give me Thanks so much, Marissa & Sunny.
  4. Hello All, I'm new to the forum with a new pup. I've searched for more on this topic but found only a few items. Maybe I searched incorrectly? Sorry if there is more out there I may have missed. At any rate, I have a 13wk old pup. Have had him 1.5 wks. He's an amazing boy and learns more and more each day. It's been over a decade since I've had a pup and wondering if being left in the crate (while we go out short periods) gets better? I've read many articles, watched many videos regarding training him to like his crate and get used to being alone. He currently cries and barks when we're gone for 30min-1.5 hrs. I work from home and have him take his puppy naps in the crate and also crate him for various lengths of time (10min, 20 min, 10 min, 30 min) while I work in the other room. He does okay then but I do tell him to "settle" when he starts to whine. Obviously I cannot do that when I go out. I feel like there are small successes and he will learn over time that it's okay. He sleeps all night in the crate (in my room) and will go in when I tell him. He is rewarded for it. We don't make a fuss about leaving or coming back and I try to vary our leaving routine to take the anxiety away. Example, opening and closing doors while he's in the crate. Moving my keys around throughout the day, etc. He gets a walk, training and playtime throughout the day and at least an hour before we leave. Of the 7 times he's been left alone, he's not cried once. We have his first training coming up and that first class is owners only, no dogs. 2hrs. So I'm a bit worried he is going to cry/bark the entire time. Any advice and/or reassurance that this gets better and I'm doing this correctly? Thank you in advance.
  5. I recently (three weeks ago) adopted a border collier (5 yrs old). My last dog was strickly an inside dog except to do her business (no one told her before she died that she wasn't human!). At any rate, I do have a good situation as I work from my home office and we do have 2 acres of fenced in yard. Scotty has really taken a liking to the bulldog Buster next door. Buster helps Scotty get his exercise as they run the fence line together. In about a month, I will go going out of town and my son (that lives in a separate house on the property) will be taking care of Scotty. The problem is that my son is gone 14 hours a day. Scotty does sleep in his crate at night and when I leave the house for a couple of hours, I put him in the crate (also when I have clients over). However, it is my understanding that it wouldn't be good to leave him in the crate while my son is working and gone for 14 hours. He works too far to come home during lunchtime. We have set up the covered back porch (screened) with a doggy door to go outside, however he would not be able to get back into the house because of the patio door. I am trying to slowly work with him everyday (today was the first) to learn to be outside for most of the day instead of my cool home. I put the water and food bowl on the porch, along with his toys and bed, and a fan that blows in the area of his bedding. I live in Central Florida so it gets really hot and humid here. I guess my question is, with daily training outside (one hour one day, two hours the next day, and so on); will it be okay to leave him outside/on the porch for 14 hours and then bring him in to go in the crate at nighttime? I'm trying to save money and hoping it will work since he has plenty of yard, however if this is too much heat I would rather pay for the kennel when I'm gone. I look forward to reading your comments.
  6. Hi, I am glad that I found this board, it has already been so helpful and I love reading the posts. I hope that you guys can offer some reassurance and advice based on some of my worries, concerns/questions Background: I live in a village with my husband, close to woods and not too far from the Lake District. My husband and I love going on local walks and enjoy going for hikes in the lake district. We have always said that we'd like to get a dog, and a border collie is my favourite breed, so when for health reasons I decided to take a long career break, we decided to get our puppy - I have lots of time to be with her and train her. We bought our black and white border collie puppy home on Saturday (9 weeks, now 10 weeks), from a local farm. Initially I wanted to do lots of research and carefully select a breeder but when we visited this farm, owned by very welcoming family, we fell in love with our puppy and generally got a good feeling about the place. Unfortunately, although she was chipped, flea and wormed, their vets advised against giving these puppies their first vaccination (as they had with previous litters) until they went to their new homes. I was told that this was due to different vaccine strains. Also having lived in a barn with her litter mates and her mum, seeing very few people or traffic she has had very little socialisation. After a few days of settling in, I took my girl for her first vaccination on Monday. It wasn't a good experience for her because she was scared due to the traffic on the way in, scared by a large dog that came too close in the waiting room, causing her to bark, and then because she was so spooked she barked at the vet aswell. Overall a stressful experience, and one that I so wish had gone differently for her. Generally I have been amazed by her, at how fast she has seemed to settle with us and how quickly she is picking up toilet training. I have a crate for her, so at night (or during the day when she's tired/ needs to calm down) I place her in it, close the door and cover it over with a blanket. I leave her with a night light, and although I feel now she could go through the night, I do get up at about 3am to take her out for a wee. I wouldn't say she is "crate trained" as she doesn't go in there of her own accord to go to sleep, but I do feed her in their for positive reinforcement and when placing her in I always reassure and praise her. Putting her in her crate is met with some whining now, but she soon settles down. In the day time, over the last few days, I have tended to spend most of my time with her. At the moment she is confined to one room, and I have a blanket that I have placed at the foot of the settee where she plays either by her-self or more often than not with me. She has soft toys, chew toys and he odd ball, but I tend to only allow a few toys out at a time and rotate them so shes not bored or over-stimulated. When I feel she is calm I do some basic command training like sit and down, with treats, which she has picked up quickly, and we have a good routine for toilet training, where at the same time I'm teaching her to sit on a mat to wait whilst I put my shoes on, and not bite the lead when I attach it. She is doing really well. My worries/anxieties are first her lack of socialisation, especially with other dogs (I have had people over to meet her and she has been really happy and affectionate), and cars. I have started carrying her down my quiet road every day, giving her reassurance but she does get very scared as we approach the main road. Is this normal for this age? Also I'm not sure how much time to spend with her. She goes in her crate when I am not there and have to do other things for myself and chores in the house. I feel that the crate gives her a safe place to be when i'm not there, and she can't be destructive when not supervised, and also at times I feel that she does get abit overstimulated so I feel her crate is good for calming her down. When I'm not giving her attention, she has started to push the boundaries and chew on things she shouldn't - like chair legs, and furniture. I tell her No firmly, or say down and place her down. I do also distract her with something else but its like its something that's stuck in her head that she wants to repeat again and again to test me. Is this normal, and am I doing the right thing with preventing her from being destructive? I would appreciate your advice going forward. I love her, she is a lovely pup, I just want her to be happy, and grow up confident with good manners. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone: Thank you all in advance for your help and advice. We just got our male puppy yesterday. He is eight weeks old. We have a house with a reasonably-sized back yard. Initially we have decided that he will not be allowed in the house, so we don't want to encourage behavior that tells him that he is allowed indoors. Also, we want to train him so that he always goes in a specific part of the yard. This will prevent future stepping-in-poo accidents and easier to pick up (you know where it is). So, we are confused as to how we should go about this. - One idea is to crate-train him. We would keep him in his crate and take him out frequently to the designated spot, etc. The negative side to this is that he is stuck in the crate most of his day. I am sure he would rather enjoy himself more if allowed free-reign of the yard! - The alternative is to keep him outside and take the sporadic opportunities we will have to catch him in the act to teach him where he should go potty. The problem here is that he will likely develop a habit of going where he is not supposed to and changing that in the future will be tough (or impossible). Also, I have read that 8 weeks is too young to start potty training but he seems able to hold his bladder rather well and has had no accidents in his crate for the day that he has been with us. I would very much appreciate your suggestions. We do not have experience with BC and you all have plenty! Thank you
  8. Our 4 months old BC pup is getting too big for her crate in the car. I'm afraid a larger crate won't fit the backseat of the truck anymore. So we would like to slowly start to de-crate train her. The crate upstairs that she sleeps in is much larger, so she can keep that one for a while longer. However, we would like her to be able to sleep just on a dog bed, cause we couldn't take that Xlarge crate when traveling and staying somewhere else. And talk about staying somewhere else: Any advice on keeping a dog from barking? Like in a hotel? Any tips? TIA!
  9. This is my first post on the boards here, but I have been following frequently. I brought home an 8-week border collie a couple weeks back (put deposit on her a few months ago) Since putting a deposit on her, life has begun to get quite busy with work and finding out that I will be attending graduate school and I've begun to doubt my ability to provide the environment I had hoped for this brilliant pup. I recently found myself trying to figure just how much i can crate her during the day to get what I need to get done, but it often feels like all day (with visits to let her out, of course) This is the exact scenario I hoped to avoid for such a great dog that will require so much attention, stimulation and exercise. I am so conflicted over what this might mean for this puppy. Her needs are such a high priority for me. Have other owners come upon this situation? How were you able to remedy it? I have done such extensive research on the breed, which is why I have so much worry. The worst thing I could imagine would be to bring her up in an environment that didn't foster her abilities, which even at 10-weeks she is displaying so brilliantly. I'm literally tearing up inside. I would love to hear people's insight and experience. Thank you!
  10. I rescued a border collie/french bulldog recently that was hit by a car. She appears to be around 9 to 10 months old. We have a backyard and a chihuahua that she plays with and we do take her on walks, play with her in the back yard, and have tons of chew toys for her. When we leave, she starts chewing on shoes, the sofa (destroyed), our new wall, and well anything. It doesn't matter if we are gone a half our or leave for work. When we are home, she doesn't chew on her toys or her chew bones and seems perfectly content. We spend a lot of time with her and play with her a lot in the backyard. Today we put her outside in the fenced in yard with rawhide because we had to leave for work and I don't want her to destroy anything else. I don't know what else to do. Please help. We are desperate. I don't want her to dig a whole, escape and get hit by a car, and I want her to be happy. I read that you shouldn't crate for more than three hours, yet I keep reading that people crate their dogs while they are at work. I'm confused. Please help. Thanks!
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