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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Ziva had a mild heart murmur starting at age 7. The cardiologist did an echo cardiogram and said she had tricuspid and mitrial valve insufficiency but didn't need any medication at that time. The following year the murmur was a little louder. The cardiologist said she had heart chamber enlargement so she was started on pimobendan (vetmedin.) A myxoma (benign tumor) was seen in her left atrium. She has been checked every 6-9 months since then and things have remained stable. About a month ago, the dogs were with my Mom while I was at work and she noticed Ziva breathing rapidly. Ziva then jumped off her lap and started gagging and became weak. She called me at work and brought her to me. I work at a Veterinary Hospital and we radiographed Ziva's chest and she had pericardial effusion (fluid around her heart.) She is now in congestive heart failure. She was started on lasix and benazepril and is now doing fine. We have an appointment with the cardiologist in about 10 days. Who out there has had a Border with congestive heart failure? How did they do? What medications were they on? Did you change the diet? Give any supplements? I'm upset because it seemed to come on fast after she has been stable for years. I've been monitoring her respiratory rate and watching for a cough or exercise intolerance for years and there wasn't any changes until that day when she started gagging. Thank you for any information
  2. Bett, my 15 month old was diagnosed with a PDA last month. It's slipped through the cracks of every vet she has seen (and there have been plenty, I'm her 5th home). Luckily she has not shown really any outward signs of chronic heart failure, besides slight exercise intolerance, yet. Vet said he suspects the symptoms to appear in the next 2-5 months. She's been on Enalapril for the past 2 weeks and we followed up with the recommended bloodwork on Friday. Yesterday the vet left a message with the results: electrolytes are fine, but now her ALT is highly elevated, it was normal in December. (her heart murmur has also increased from a 3 to a 5 in that time period). She has been on fluoxetine for the past 4 months, and trazodone recently. Cardiologist thought at first it might be the trazodone, but since she has only had 4 doses of the trazodone - we use it only once a week to help her through her reactive dog class, that seems unlikely to her. Apparently it's failure common for humans with CHF to also have liver problems, but I haven't found much info on that online regarding dogs. Logically, it seems the same would be true. I will be talking with her primary vet on Monday, but in the meantime was hoping someone here may have knowledge. Thanks! (Note to self: avoid getting blood work done on a Friday. The not being able to discuss this right away is making me obsess and spend to much time on google.)
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