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Found 4 results

  1. My BC recently got a fright when a cat jumped out at her from beneath a hedge. She yelped and initially I thought she had been scratched but there was no evidence that she had been physically harmed so I think it was just her feelings that were hurt. She has always been extremely sensitive but very friendly with all animals. Following this incident, she started pulling on her lead, which she didn’t do before, constantly looks all around and her tail is tucked beneath her in terror. It is very hard to watch as she has always been such a happy dog whose tail was always held high, wagging when out on walks. Any helpful suggestions would be gratefully received.
  2. It's official, Brix is nearly 9 mo. old and training her now is far more difficult that it was at 9 weeks. The big issues lately are leash walking, recall, listening to me and barking (also related to cats, which you can read about in this previous post) The issue is that she knows a cat lives on the other side of the fence at our new house. She has recently developed a new idea about cats after her interactions with our in house cat (see above post) She now loves to chase the cat out of the yard, hackles raised and barking at the fence. She will bark in that direction in the house as well. I have read several approaches to barking training, most of the convincing ones steering you away from yelling "hey!" or "stop it!" when the pup barks. When she gets to barking I will go over by her make her lay down and then praise her as she watches attentively without barking. It honestly seems to do absolutely no good. She appears to be looking right through me. What is everyone's experience with this? Do you take a passive approach on the theory that her not getting a reaction out of her owner makes barking boring? Or do you take an active approach, correct and then praise the correct behavior? If it's the latter, how long did it take to see progress? If it's the former, i guess the same question applies. My pup is so smart, I can tell, but she seems to enjoy "playing dumb" at moments when she appears to not learn at all. Thanks for the help!!
  3. I am certain I am not the first to post on this topic, but it is something of concern. I recently moved in with my partner and she has a 7-year old, poorly behaved cat. I am trying to find the best solution toward getting them to live together peacefully. Some advice would be very helpful. I will describe the two animals: My BC: very well behaved and listens to commands. Was socialized at a very young age around cats and since has had numerous inconsequential interactions with cats. She always listens to me around them and has yet to show any aggression toward cats. Cat from hell: This is a challenge, and I hate to sound like I'm placing all the blame here, but the cat has very poor behavior. She usually hisses and swats at almost any visitor, often hissing at her owner and myself. She has bad behavior toward other cats and dogs and often charges them in full aggression mode. (fear aggression I am assuming) Initial interactions between the two were fine, but a couple weeks ago they caught each other off guard and the cat charged my pup. The pup was very scared, and assumed a very defensive position of retreat while making a pronounced frightened bark. This was the first time I have seen her so scared. The cat never made contact with her, but now the pup acts very scared around her. Not only that she will get a bit more offensive when she sees the cat and has occasionally raised her hackles and barked and advanced. This only makes the cat more aggressive. So, there you have it. We are working to find a solution. Personally I'm much more concerned with protecting my pup in this sensitive phase of her life. The last thing I want is for her to develop an issue with cats. Any advice will be very helpful! Thanks!
  4. I posted a few weeks ago about a young BC that my family adopted. He was a stray that we took in, and he is just over a year old. We are adjusting to his puppy behaviors - learning not to leave things out we don't want him to chew up, playing with him plenty so that he calms down inside, teaching him not to jump or nip at our daughter, etc. BUT…I am going insane with worry that he is going to run away. We just bought a house and have a nice sized back yard that I love to let him run around in. But most of the fence is chain link, which he can easily climb. The back portion is a 6-foot privacy fence, but both our neighbors have cats that he goes crazy for and if we catches a glimpse of them he is over the fence to chase him. We put in a running line as a short-term solution to let him out (a 30-foot cable between two trees that he is attached to by a second cable). This is obviously not ideal for long-term, AND he can still jump over the fence on one side, which makes me worry anytime he is out unsupervised that he is going to get the cable caught and hang himself… We would like to install a full privacy fence around the entire back yard, but we cannot currently afford to do so and I've heard that a lot of BC's can jump those anyway. So what we are thinking now is that we will get an "invisible" fence, one of the ones that shocks the dog if they get too close to the barrier. I am not 100% happy with this option but I am really at a loss about what to do with him. He is definitely not getting enough exercise because I cannot let him run loose in the backyard without worrying he will jump the fence and run off (he does not recall well AT ALL). I would love some suggestions here, or at least some encouragement that one day I will not have to constantly worry that our BC will run away. It is stressful always having to keep him on leash and I feel so awful that he is not expending enough energy. What should I do??
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