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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have a chocolate Merle border collie and I’m trying to understand her genetics. Her mum was a blue Merle and dad was a brown tri. From what I understand breeding Merle with Merle is bad because of the heath risks, but what colours are considered Merle and what colours aren’t Merle? Is it just the patterns or is any colour other than black and white considered a Merle? There was one deaf puppy in her litter and could the colours of both parents be the reason why? Im not planning on breeding my collie, Im just interested in learning more and to know how to tell a responsible breeder from an un responsible one. Is lilac or wheaten or even black tri considered Merle or they can safely breed with a Merle? Or you can only safely breed a Merle with a black and white collie? again I’m not planning on breeding I just am interested in understanding border collie colours. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Im buying a BC tomorrow, the only thing is one of his testicles hasn't 'dropped' yet and they tell me that if it doesn't drop the dog won't be able to register his future puppies in the Kennel Club. Its not a major concern not to have the Kennel Authenticity for future puppies, im more concerned about the well being of a dog and the problems it may bring. Im fairly new in the dog world so i haven't encountered this situation before. Ive done some research and the longest it takes is 6-8 months for the testicle to go in its normal place and some never do. Any one got any experience in this subject with BC's? Thanks, Sebastian.
  3. Hello, Before I ask any questions, I'll state that I do not have a championship dog, nor am I breeding them. I am breeding for homes & working dogs. I have sought out a lot of other information about sires I'd like to use, based on what they can bring to my dam. That combined with those within my proximity of travel, I've selected 2. Now I am down to the last selection criteria, and this one would normally get people up in arms, but hey...it's the market we do live in. So the last piece is how genetically, they will combine with looks. I've tried to read a lot about Border Collie genetics, but alas I am no geneticist. Recessive genes, dominant, alleles and extensions and I am spinning circles. She is a merle, and I know not to breed with another merle. But then after looking at eyes, hips, behaviour, working ability - I need to pick one. Does anyone know anything - even if it's a bit basic - about how the genetics combine for colour/eye combinations? Like I said, I am not looking for an absolute prediction as to the pups, just trying to weigh up the reasonably possible scenario. I hope that someone can give me a little assistance. Many thanks!
  4. I've been reading a bit about scientists discovering that some dogs have a specific gene responsible for higer learning and verbal discrimination? I'm wondering if any BC breeders had ever considered screening breeding stock for this gene? The gene is called CTNND2 and can be tested for it's presence with a blood sample. Not sure how expensive this would be as that could make it impractical for most breeders. I also know that performance and working ability should be the test the carries the most weight for breeding stock, BUT just wondered if anyone had ever considered that or knew more about it?
  5. Have been pondering the heritability of different traits desirable in a working dog- say you have a dog that is lacking confidence but is very talented otherwise. Obviously, you'd like to find a match that is perhaps a very confident dog to balance out or improve on the other dog. But, what is the heritability of something like that? I realize it's all a crap-shoot, but in your experience, do the resulting pups end up as a mix, where the working traits kind of meet in the middle, or do they sort, where you'll have some pups exhibiting the particular traits of each parent and not the other? Does it depend on the trait?
  6. I want to address those of you experienced in breeding. I'm assuming that most of you will immediately say that phenotype is the basis of all your breeding decisions? "Breed to the dogs that do the best at their work." But I have known dogs with top winning trial dogs solid in their pedigrees, that they themselves had very little interest in stock and were not strong herding dogs. I have also known herding dogs with totally unknown dog's in their pedigree that are great stock dogs and highly successful trial dogs. So hypothetically given the choice between a dog who is not the greatest worker but has a pedigree of great workers; and a dog that is a great worker but has "unproven" or unknown dogs in his pedigree, which would you give greater weight when considering a potential mate? Why? I'm looking forward to discussion and learning! Thanks! Bonnie
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