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Found 11 results

  1. Nobody wants to rehome their dog, but I wonder what you think. A short history: We got Diesel at 11 months, directly from the previous owner He was kept in a pantry 7-8 hours a day with another older dog He hadn't had much training, but did have a 2 hour session with a gun dog trainer to improve street walking with a figure of 8 loop He's our first dog (I realise how silly we were) When we first got him, he would pace for hours unless occupied with play, training or a chew We would spend 16 hours a day occupying him for the first month He was also nervous of the sound of planes, trains and would jump at cars and people while walking He was given a clean bill of health from the vet At first we worked with a trainer for two months, to get him give him a recall so he could run outside and to relax at home We worked on the sounds one by one and he began to relax at home but was still nervous street walking We changed to a behaviorist for 8 months, he was put on anti-anxiety medication He would get 1 hour running a day, two 30 minute walks, plays sheep ball, fetch, left and right, jogging together and tons of other tricks We play sniffing games, Kongs, snuffle mats, Nina Otteson puzzles and other games But he still requires attention when we're at home and can't be left at home unless crated (which means we can only leave the house for 3-4 hours). On a good day it's 3-4 hours on a bad one it's 12 hours. And we have to keep an eye out in parks for kids, people on bicycles and walking on paths around the park. He has continued to lunge while street walking and has nipped people on the street or in parks but not broken skin This weekend he bit my partners mum on the leg and punctured the skin It's been 10 months and we were going to board him for a bit so we could have a break. But with the bite, we're thinking whether boarding won't help him (possibly make it worse) and we should find him a quieter home. What do you think?
  2. Got a Border Collie yesterday, (Friday 18th Dec) and noticed his tail is really short, called up the ex owner and asked him about it- he laughed and said his tail is short because he’s a puppy I didn’t know what to say so I just said oh okay and tried doing my research into this, it really doesn’t appear to be docked or anything because like the whole tail is there it’s just tiny- does anybody know why or how? The only thing I could find is that this may be genetic? The websites I went through are a decade old I’m not sure what to think- either way him and his tail are adorable.
  3. I have a 9 month old male border collie. He is a great pup and loves to play fetch. Living in North Dakota, the winter time has been a struggle with making sure he is getting out and exercising. For the past month ever time its been nice enough (above 15 degrees) I try to get him to the park to play fetch, but because of the ground being so hard and the snow being compacted he is always injuring his paws some way or another. So this is my question, has anybody used some kind of paw protection (dog shoes) to help prevent this? He has torn chunks of his pads off numerous times. I feel so bad not taking him to run because I know how much he loves it. Walking only does so much. He wants to "work" and be active. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi everyone, my border collie won't come back into the house after I run him with the ball on the green or if he gets out the house by accident. I call him and call him and he just doesn't listen and the only way I can get him back in the house is if I open the boot of the car and pretend we are going to the beach. He will soon cop on to that though if I do it numerous times. I have had him nearly two years and at the start when I got him he used to come in on his own, now he doesn't. I feel like I am retracing my steps. How do I get him to come in the house on his own without any problems? Would love for a reply thank you, Alana.
  5. Hi Guys, I need some help please I have a 7 month old Border Collie Named Misty. She’s always had an appetite and got excited at meal times however the last few days she has been leaving her food. Right from the moment we brought her home she has had the same food. Her food is a custom blend from tails.com which is formulated for her breed, age and weight. She has 2 meals a day, 1 in a morning of just dry food and 1 in the evening of dry and wet food mixed. She has always eaten both meals happily. But the last few days she has started to leave food. Her morning feed she tends to eat most of it but leaves a little. But with Her evening feed she has started to leave over half of the food. She’s no longer excited at meals times and when I put her bowl down she doesn’t want to eat straight away. When she eventually does she will have around half the food then walk away. I’ve tried reducing her portion sizes but she still leaves half. Other than her food she had a Dental chew and that’s it. Shes fine in herself, she’s still drinking and playing. She still goes for her walks and has plenty of energy but she just won’t eat her full meals. I’m just worried that she’s not eating enough and I really don’t know what to do. Is this normal? How can I encourage her to eat?Could there be a medical problem? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hello all, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I recently acquired a Border Collie puppy. He is now 16 weeks and I am concerned that he is displaying aggressive behaviour. The lady I got him from could not handle house training him or training him at all as she was on her own with two young children. Why these people get a dog is beyond me! Sometimes he is sweet, placid and very obedient; others he is growling, curling up his upper lip and even biting. These “aggressive” behaviours usually take place in the following circumstances: If he is asleep and we NEED to move him either (I wake him calmly and gently). He used to just growl and now he will show his teeth and even snap and bite. He is not food aggressive with myself or my partner, but he did try to bit my mum when she was near his food. He also seeks out my sister’s dog if he has food and really goes for him! He will also jump up and bite us if he feels he’s not getting enough attention...he walks for at least a couple of hours a day, spread over two walks; plays fetch in the garden and has interactive toys. He is not left on his own for hours. We do not shout at him and could never hit him. I’m very aware that this behaviour needs to be nipped in the bud quickly. Any advice, or insight would be great. I have never had this behaviour from any of my previous dogs, I am understandably concerned and getting rid of him is not an option for me...he is my baby! Thanks everyone!
  7. Hey guys! New to BC forums but figured I’d post my now 13 week old border collie mix pup! Meet Sam/Sammy. She’s such a sweet heart, super calm and obedient, already hanging off leash in our yard! We’re honestly pretty shocked at how great she’s been at so young. Any ideas of what she may be mixed with? We hear a lot of people saying boxer, which I can see! Her mother is pure bred BC. Thanks guys! - Drew
  8. Hi everyone! I am interested to buy a border collie dog :) I read more books and some articles about this dogs. On the other forum I read that this dog can be difficult for training... Is it true? I working at monday till friday per 8 hours and I wondering is it possible to training this dog in the afrernoons about 2 hours per day? I would be grateful for all informations about border collie!
  9. I have a 1.5 year old desexed male bordercollie and we have a daily dog group who meet after work and let our dogs play off leash at the local oval. My dog has been going since we was 14 weeks old so knows a lot of the local dogs. Recently we have had a huge increase of dogs including a lot of puppies ranging from 16 weeks to 11 months. Recently, my dog has shown aggressive behaviour towards the puppies who constantly lick his face and jump on him. He will tolerate the first few times but then all of a sudden he will snap and lunge and bite them. He hasn’t injured any but I am worried it might get worse. He doesn’t seem to have any patience with younger dogs of any breed and I want to correct it. Is my dog ok with telling the puppies to back off or should I be doing something to fix it? Any advice would help.
  10. Hi! My name is Niyole Kuzee and I am on the board for the USBCHA National Cattle dog committee. We are working to put on the National Finals this fall October 11-14 in Marshfield Mo. There will be 50 open dogs and 37 nursery dogs competing for the National Championship. It’s a long four days of hard competition and a lot of fun promoting this amazing breed. The border collies have to be qualified through out the year in order to be a part of this exciting event. The USBCHA has a sponsorship program to help raise money to assist with these trials. We are looking for anyone who might want to sponsor a handler/dog team. The sponsor of the winning team both in the nursery and open has a chance to win double their money back as well as have an add in the program, their name announced as their team is running and be part of promoting the working border collie. Each sponsorship costs $125. The sponsorship form can be found by going to the USBCHA website, clicking on the Cattledog tab, and then going to the finals website. You can also contact me via email at niyolelivingston@outlook.com. I would be very glad to help. dogsponsor.pdf
  11. So an update and another question for the masses this morning!: I realized that my dog had not fully grasped the concept of me telling her to watch her sheep and I had not understood the importance of her knowing it, so we went all the way back to zero and I just walked around telling her to watch her sheep and walked away from her and them ( in a safe way) I did this enough times that when we would walk up to the fence she was already looking for them. After doing this I noticed a huge increase in her speed and when I would release her to watch her sheep I would name flanks as she took them just by redirecting her with my body, and this seemed to work.. My conclusion is that while she is sensitive to pressure I had made a training error and let it go unnoticed for too long, my question is how would one go about pushing a more sensitive dog off stock? I love posting the day before training, I get such wonderful feed back from y'all!
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