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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping for some advice on Bailey's hyperarousal around other dogs while we're walking on leash. It's excitement not anxiety based, and is very much 'A DOG! Let me see them! I want to say hello NOW!!!' We try and watch the road in front and manage the situation, eg, cross over or take a different route (trying to get him back past his distance threshold), but that's not always possible. He'll lunge to the end of his leash, 2 front paws up in the air, and If he doesn't get to see them he gets barky. Absolutely nothing gets through to him, treats, squeaky toy, commands, clic
  2. Hi again, I'd appreciate advice on another topic for Bailey, as we think he's enterred his adolescence/fear/sensitivity phase and we're not sure how to address it. He's started alert barking/growling at things over the last week. He seems fine out and about on walks, but it has been random points when he's at home. Some examples below: Catching his reflection in the tv/door Lawnmower Pigeon on a roof A dog on the TV Seemingly nothing, but i assume something he senses outside at night - or a ghost He goes all alert and goes to the back door, has a low gro
  3. I'm sure I've seen some discussion on these boards about this, but I'll post for some ideas. My 5 month old BC mix Cricket will sometimes bark and lung at people when we walk him. He doesn't do this every walk. He also really seems to like people, and is all wagging tail and soft ears when people approach him directly to pet him. He reacts when we're walking and people are striding past him without stopping. He also sometimes does this with cyclists and runners, but not always, and he sometimes does this with other dogs but, again, not always. I don't like the lunging and barking at people thi
  4. Hi BC boards, I'm a new member, long time reader. I haven't found any posts that sum up the problems we're having so I thought I'd post and ask for some advice as we're all in a bad way at the moment. Edie is 6 months old and out first dog (I know a BC for our first dog was probably not the best idea, but here we are). She has always been somewhat reactive to objects, sounds and cars. We have worked really hard on cars with her, doing desensitisation training daily for the past 4 months. She's now at a point where she won't generally attempt to lunge into the path of an oncoming c
  5. Hello! I'm having a weird thing show up in my 1 year old border collie, and I was wondering if anyone had any input. It has been going on for a few months now, and doesn't seem to be improving.. Whenever he hears the trash bags being handled, he (if he is free in the house) runs forth and back between the garbage can and the door to the outside. He whines in a very high pitched, loud and long manner that in the house we refer to as "screaming", since it is so different from his usual whining. When he is in his crate when we start handling the bags/taking it out, he will start barki
  6. Hello! It's been a while since I've last posted. This forum helped me a lot when I got my first dog (an Aussie Shepherd x Maremma - first thought to be a border collie from the shelter), he had some male-dog agression, which in the end - just ended up being his bad trait that we learned to live with. We fostered street dogs for a year, of which many males, which improved his attitude greatly and interactions, even off leash, are rare. Because he loved having a friend, we got him a buddy.... for which I am looking for some advice. Three weeks ago we got a friend for our very social dog, I
  7. Hi everyone, long time lurker here, this is my first post and I'm after some advice if possible! As an intro: Willow is a six month old female sable merle and one feisty lady! Since we got her at 8 weeks life has been a whirlwind, and it hasn't all been plain sailing; poor thing has had a UTI, conjunctivitis in her eyes, she's been one nippy madam since about 10 weeks and we cannot for the life of us get her to keep all her paws on the floor when we're in the house (she's constantly jumping up, either on us, guests, kitchen work surface, sofa, tables etc). On the plus side, she's super ea
  8. This last Saturday we rescued our new Border Collie, Kimi. Kimi's 3 and has come from a previous family home with another, older, collie and three kids. Our house on the other hand, is just me and my husband, and our cat Sam (also a rescue, also 3, but we got him 2 years ago and he was a stray before that). Kimi was good as gold the first couple of days and actually seemed to completely contradict a lot of the advice that I'd found doing research beforehand on rescue dogs - he's very friendly and has already started claiming our laps whenever we sit down on the sofa, and he seems complete
  9. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I adopted a Border Collie in April, 2017. He's a year old. I just had a question about yipping. I've never heard a dog yip like this one does. He has a low bark (like a normal bark) but rarely ever uses it. When he gets excited, he yips like a coyote. It's high pitched and sounds like he's being tortured. He yips if he sees another dog that he thinks he may be able to play with or when he knows we're going to play ball outside or if we're going on a hike in the woods. Is this something that's common in border collies ? I'm dealing with it by stopping the w
  10. Hello everyone! Im new to the boards and wanted to introduce myself and my sweet 16 week old Border Collie. My name is Kari and I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. I recently adopted my very first dog, a now 16 week old black and white Border Collie named Regal. I had always wanted a dog, and as soon as I graduated with a bachelors degree, leaving me with a lot of free time other than work (I was working full time as an underwriter while going full time to ASU) I began doing a lot of research and decided this would be the best fit for me. I am very active and wanted a dog that has a lot of energy a
  11. Our 4 months old BC pup is getting too big for her crate in the car. I'm afraid a larger crate won't fit the backseat of the truck anymore. So we would like to slowly start to de-crate train her. The crate upstairs that she sleeps in is much larger, so she can keep that one for a while longer. However, we would like her to be able to sleep just on a dog bed, cause we couldn't take that Xlarge crate when traveling and staying somewhere else. And talk about staying somewhere else: Any advice on keeping a dog from barking? Like in a hotel? Any tips? TIA!
  12. Hello- Over the last year of having Jolene, we have worked through many issues and I have felt like we've made a lot of progress. In the last few months since she turned one, she has suddenly become more of a trained dog instead of a whacky puppy. We are still having some problems, some that I know we just need to work on more, and others I'm at a bit of a loss. We go to a local dog park most everyday so we have room to fetch, and she also has made doggy friends and enjoys socializing. One thing that she does pretty often is when two dogs start a nice one on one romping play, she cir
  13. It's official, Brix is nearly 9 mo. old and training her now is far more difficult that it was at 9 weeks. The big issues lately are leash walking, recall, listening to me and barking (also related to cats, which you can read about in this previous post) The issue is that she knows a cat lives on the other side of the fence at our new house. She has recently developed a new idea about cats after her interactions with our in house cat (see above post) She now loves to chase the cat out of the yard, hackles raised and barking at the fence. She will bark in that direction in the house as
  14. Hi all, First off, I don't have a Border Collie. I've spent ~2 years on this forum researching the breed before I ended up with my German Shepherd pup. However, I can't seem to respect and admire other GSD-specific forums as much as this one. I understand that this is a BC forum, and will limit my GSD posts. I do hope to adopt a BC someday. I got my GSD girl, Emi, at 10 weeks. A long story between my in-laws' neighbor (a czech GSD breeder for police/protection services) and a less-than-preferable puppy buyer (who couldn't handle the pup after only 2 weeks) resulted in me taking the p
  15. Hello fellow Border Collie lovers! I'm just going to start by apologizing that I'm another newbie who's going to post asking for advice, but I have read through so many threads that now I feel like I have too many competing ideas floating around my head. I am 22 and Addison is my first dog on my own. I know a Border Collie is a bold choice for a first dog, but I have a lot of time to devote to her, previous experience with dogs, and the commitment to work with her. Plus I found her on craigslist and felt responsible for taking care of her so she didn't end up with someone less capable!
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