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Found 12 results

  1. Good morning - I am a long time lurker and long time dog owner but my 1st BC (a mix but according to our vet - very BC in behavior). We have had mostly labs and lab mixes over 30 plus years of dog ownership and truth be told I am surprised at how different these 2 dogs are. FWIW I am also a former Labrador foster for over 15 yrs etc. Fry was adopted from our local shelter. The mother was a pb BC and gave birth in the shelter. Fry was our 1st puppy since before we had kids (most of the labs I fostered or adopted were adults). He has been a joy and a delight and also a true challenge in that he
  2. Hi all! Looking for some guidance on potential crate anxiety. We are first time dog parents to a four month old Border Collie mix. We have had him a little over a month now. I work from home and, truly, I think this has done him a bit of a disservice as he is rarely crated. The first two weeks we had him, I would try two hour crate naps but it became such a chore to get him in the crate that I stopped (my issue, I know!) He would whine and cry to high hell at night so no longer sleeps in the crate at night and does perfectly fine sleeping on our bed or our floor. No destruction or bad hab
  3. Hello Everyone, Our family rescued an almost 2 year Border/Assue (or so they say) from one of our Metro Atlanta rescue groups. My niece chose him as he was the easiest to handle on leash and was so sweet and allowed her to hug him during their first meeting. She suffers from anxiety and depression and instantly fell in love with him. The fosters who had him at the time were anxious for us to have him sleep over for the week. Too much if you ask me. We were told all he does is stare out the window and go to his crate and is a bit skittish at times. This is an understatement. 3 months lat
  4. Hi I have a lovely collie now coming up to a year. She is a lovely family dog, our first collie, and a shock to the system! But we've worked hard on training her, and ensuring she gets lots of walks, and we're really pleased how she has turned out... except! Except we made the mistake in the first couple of months of having her of keeping a stair gate so that she couldn't chase the cats. Consequently she is deeply mistrustful of the cats, and while they do take it in their stride, she has developed an issue that she is taking out on them. There are 5 adults in the house as my kids
  5. Hi everyone~ Last time I posted was right around when Nalu turned 9 months old. Two weeks later, he and I were both in a severe head-on collision (a bank robber running from police drove into oncoming traffic and hit us going 90mph). Amazingly, we both survived. Me with severe injuries that took a year to heal from, and Nalu with bruising and some puppy PTSD. We were incredibly lucky. Nalu had to be taken care of by family for the next 3 months, and walked by others for the next year. He is now 2 years old, and we are both doing very well. Here's some more background info before I get to m
  6. Hey all, been a little while... I ended up getting a second BC pup about a month ago. So I now have an 8 and 3 month old, both girls. The new pup, Trinket, was fairly neglected from what I can tell. Purebred and from a working line. She was very underfed when I got her, supposedly she was only eating about 1/2 a cup of kibble per day. The breeder was saying they couldn't stop her from downing water so fast she'd throw up. Best guess is she didn't get enough water and couldn't eat all her kibble. She was separated from her litter and kenneled the majority of the time starting at about 1 mon
  7. Lily is showing a new fear behavior that I am hoping others may have some experience with. I would just add this to the running thread that I've created for Lily, but seeing other car issues in the forums, it seems logical to list this separately so others can help, and be helped, by any discussion, without having to wade through my lengthy thread about Lily. Here's the issue. When we return home, especially from the park or somewhere fun, Lily acts afraid to get out of the car. She has to be coaxed out, often times switching from one side of the car to the other. she will sometime
  8. Ooh boy, from joy and progress to this. So I got Sonic January 12th, and he quickly settled in, so I thought. Had a bit of hand-shyness, so sudden or overhand movements made him leery, but he caught on to treat training pretty quick, so I thought. We were using lots of treats from the get go, but for ordinary things like look aways from the cats (we have 3, 2 are very nervous) and loose leash walking. He's great in the house, reactive to dogs (very, outdoors). So I'm trying to train him to at least do a mini-obedience routine (anything, really) to have some kind of re-direct, or communic
  9. I know it's long past the 4th of July and thunderstorm season is largely over in the US, but since the topics of noise, thunder and firework phobia and other anxiety issues comes up pretty regularly, I thought I'd post this. I haven't listened to it or any of the ones linked on the right side of the page, but they might be worth trying for some of the anxious pups out there.
  10. Hi My husband and I recently rescued a collie cross from the RSPCA, she had hardly any background information except she was attacked by another dog before she went into the rescue centre and the owners 'couldn't afford her' what ever that means. The first five weeks were great, she was very nervous with other dogs and people (she really distrusts men) but began making friends with other dogs, even laid down and completely ignored a dog who was barking at her because he wanted to play. Then last weekend happened. We were playing fetch, and a tiny dog popped out from around the corner,
  11. Has anyone here used pheromone products? As far as I know, there is a spray, a collar and a diffuser that plugs in. Since Nelson has been very anxious the past few weeks and I can't figure out the source of his anxiety (believe me, I tried) I am considering one of those products. Just wondering how good they actually work - and what brand (if it matters). I have seen Adaptil and Goodbehaviour products at my local pet store. Would love to hear someone who has tried it and if / what behaviour changes they saw.
  12. My family dog is a young collie, about 2 years old, who seems to be suffering from extreme anxiety. In the house he is fine, but taking him out for walks is fast becoming impossible. He seems to stop when provoked by nothing, and cower, constantly pulling in the direction of home. He is very scared of trucks and motorbikes and will become stressed if they drive by, but it seems just being out is scaring him. He has been attacked by other dogs a couple of times in the park, and he has actually attacked another dog, even though he wasn't threatened. If another dog walks past him while he is
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