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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone, I need advice, I am going through a very hard time with my beloved 1y 6m old BC. We live in a 55 sqm flat, we play in the morning 10-11am, then in the afternoon 5-6pm then she gets a poddy walk at 11pm. She has been really good until recently -the past month we did flat renovations, fixed the bathroom. She was good most days, certain days she would be very attention demanding, she would steal tools just to get attention. Now that the works are finished, she still continues to be very not settled, she wants attention every 10minutes, even after being exercised. Our walks haven't been good either, I cannot take her far (I live in a city) because in November I decided that it's finally time to teach her to stop pulling the lead, so now every time she pulls I stop. Our walks are very slow so I only take her on her walks and cannot take her with me on strolls :(. I also love going climbing, but I stopped taking her with me because all she does is bark at me while I'm on the wall, regardless of how much she's been exercised before. To make things worse she's not really affectionate to me. I only use positive reinforcement, I would never hit her. And over the past 2 days she has stopped listening to me. I have had a very unstable /not settled life - I changed country with her when she was 6 months old,then had to fully renovate a flat, my routine sometimes changes 2-3 times a month. My friends who have dogs think my dog is special and super difficult. The trainer at the local dog hotel where I leave her when I go on holiday thinks she's amazing and well trained, my friend who is a dog trainer thinks I don't stimulate her enough, but I know when I do and don't. I think she is constantly testing me and wants to be the boss, she wants my attention. Any tips? What should I do, I love this dog, but I almost don't feel like the right owner
  2. Hi there! I'm new to the forums so please excuse me if I say something that is incorrect. I have an 8 month old male entire Border Collie. I purchased him from proven champion working stock with lines behind them of the same. The dogs have lure coursing, herding, disk, dive, agility and obedience titles. I sought after a BC as a performance dog and of course, a companion for myself and my other dog. Despite his heratige my border collie has almost no drive at all, for toys, balls or prey. He is fairly driven for food but just seems lazy in general. He is a very fit boy, has been health checked and is in top health and is fed raw so it's not something health related. All his brothers and sisters, mother and father, and relatives have high prey and toy drive. However there is a few strange things about him. He is a tiny border collie, he is only 11kgs (just) at 8 months. All his siblings and parents are large big boned borders. He has large floppy ears that do not perk at all, his siblings have erect ears with tipped tops and so does both lines he comes from. He has a very long "show" coat and look which is abnormal considering he is from medium coated working lines. He also used to have bad fear aggression towards other dogs, with a lot of training he is now friendly and shy. None of his lines have had early fear aggression. He was also bread from dogs that were clear of all hereditary diseases. Everyday I have been working to increase his non-existence drive. I have used flirt poles, tug toys, rewards for fetching and games of chase to try to improve it. It has hasn't worked. When I play with him he just goes through the motions, he will lazily grab at the toy or ball and then tug until I free him. When fetching he will just walk slowly over and pick up the ball before dropping it at my feet and wait for a reward. We occasionally have successes but it's fairly infrequent. So what I'm asking is, have you any idea how I could improve this? I love him to bits but I really want to be able to do performance sports with him. Should I maybe introduce him to sheep? I have heard a few success stories from that. Also, the reason why he is not desexed is to try to help him to grow more confident in hopes to achieve better drive, I have no desire to breed him. Thank you so much! Sorry this is so long but I think it's better to explain everything.
  3. Hi there, I'm a first time BC owner, and unfortunately, I am among those dummies that adopted a BC without first doing in-depth research about the breed and perhaps started out with my puppy all wrong. I know more about these dogs now and am doing great with the majority of his obedience training, I am very precise with him and he's gotten "sit", "down", "go get it", and it in the process of learning "leave it". Unfortunately, I have had NO success in reducing his play biting, which has worsened to severe biting every time I hold him or touch him. I have never used any sort of negative enforcement with him, but he acts as if hands are the devil/and are far better than his toys. I've tried the majority of corrections, I mistakenly tried the puppy "yelp" for two days before discovering that this breed usually gets more excited with things like that. I have tried removing him from play and putting him in his crate when he bites, I have tried removing myself from his playpen when he bites me and turning my back until he calms down. He simply goes nuts and barks and yips. We are capable of exercising him daily, we have a nearby trail and dog park, and he is still a young puppy, 2 months old, sonwe do tire him successfully, but the biting continues. I am socializing him bit by bit, nothing. My hands are cut up pretty badly. I would LOVE some advice for this. We love him dearly and simply want to be able to pet him and handle him without bleeding. Thank you for your time. I have attached a week old photo of him being held by my mother. No biting back then.
  4. I have a 13 week old puppy who I've been training since I got her at 7 weeks. First was housetraining and crate training. She was able to sleep through the night at 8 weeks and comes up to me when she has to potty during the day if she's outside of her crate. She can guzzle water right before bed and sleep 9 hours straight. She also learned to sit for things she wanted (food, toys) in her first week home with me. We've been working on down, look, touch, leave it, recall for the past several weeks. I just started duration work with her. She's doing very well and picks up everything quickly. She was good on a leash when I first started walking her around 9 weeks. She is learning how to be calm around people passing by and people greeting her. She's good in the crate in my car and at my house. She's well socialized with dogs and puppies at a doggie day care. They tell me she's confident and will play with any sized dog. I take her to cafes and coffee shops all the time and she does great. I'm honestly not experiencing any huge issues with her. Just training good behavior and teaching her what's acceptable and what's not. I feel like she's too good to be true and I'm going to jinx myself or something! Did anyone else have a very good puppy, but things went downhill for whatever reason? Just curious if this is an indicator of fewer issues down the road or if it's completely hit or miss.
  5. In the Spring my previous dog and I were involved in the production of these videos for Tawzer dog. Game On! is for teaching obedience classes using games, and has some super fun ideas for any trainers out there. Agility for fun and confidence is a 6 week curriculum for teaching an intro agility class to help dogs build confidence and have fun. Nicole's great to work with, she has great ideas, and Tawzer's having a 50% off Black Friday Sale! http://dvddepot.tawzerdog.com/ My doodle and I make some appearances in the Game On preview also
  6. I am mostly in a wheel chair. I have not found a dog dummies training book that addresses basic obedience training from a wheel chair. I had my new BC guy taught how to sit at our very first meeting. Kept reinforcing, praising, treating him. I went to work on trying to teach him lie-down stay. I had the female demonstrate what I meant, so that took about a week of watching her lie down to get what I was trying to tell him. He will lie down on command, but not lie down stay. But he can't quite understand what I mean about lying down-stay. He wants to follow me if I move backwards. What I have been doing it count as I tell him to lie-down stay. As long as I am counting and I keep repeating "stay," he does. But I can't move. I think it is crucial to get him to learn this for safety's sake. I would like to do agility with him, but feel that it is very important to have him understand lie-down stay before progressing. I suppose that I would need to be in a class with him, but he has to learn basic obedience first. I have no idea how to teach him to heel with me in a WC. This is uncharted territory. He is also very mouthy. My friend who trains fox hunting hounds (also the mule packer) carries a riding crop when working with hounds. I had been using a fly swatter, now I have moved to a dressage whip as I am down low in a wheelchair. The fly swatter doesn't seem to get his attention as much as the dressage whip. After reading about the 4 month puppy with the nippy bitey stuff, just wondering about my newly adopted rescue BC male. Anyway, I can shriek all I want, or rattle a bag (didn't work). I can shriek and stare at the ceiling. Probably if I could walk away and deprive him of attention then maybe the shriek, then attention withdrawal might work. The dummies book suggested rattling a bag, Sigh, didn't work.
  7. Help! I love my 8 year old male Border Collie. He has three Rally Obedience titles and two Obedience titles. He is a great dog to work with. VERY high drive and loves to work! He is quiet around the house but when he is working and he is happy and excited (most of the time) he barks. Over the years I've tried many things from turning my back on him, putting him in a crate for time out, telling him quiet to recently trying a citronella collar (maybe a little better.) I've been told by trainers to simply show under judges that won't take points off for barking or to keep repeating the excercise until he quits barking (which would be simultaneous with dropping from heat exhaustion.) What do other people do? I feel guilty correcting him when he does it due to a love of working but that YAP YAP YAP!!! drives me nuts!
  8. Ok, I need drastic help! I have a female BC who I trained and is amazing, she is the envy of our friends, she is just over 2 and not desexed. We have since added to our family with a male BC (Jin) who is now six months old and will be a big dog as he is already bigger than our female. Our problem is this, this dog is totally different and not interested in anything we try to involve it in, we walk both off the leash twice a day where there is huge running space and the female loves to chase the rugby ball which I kick until she's puffed, the male takes the path of least resistance always, will sit still in one spot in our yard during the day, will walk slowly beside us on walks and will sit still when we get to park and watch our female exercise, Jin won't chase the ball, won't run unless he has to and generally seems lazy.... Until we aren't around or looking (nighttime etc) he seems to save all his energy to destroy everything he can and we can never catch him in the act. Jin digs, rips, chews, scratches and squashes anything that Jin can. This is driving me into a slow rage as I can never discipline in the act. I've resorted to keeping him on a chain as it's getting costly repairing all the unnecessary destruction. I feel I have a purebred dud.. Hes never short of exercise opportunities, food or toys yet his mission is to get on my nerves, also it poos at least 4 times as much as our female, and everywhere, seems like I feed it 1kg and it poos out 2kg??? The shovel is getting a fair workout. Please help, my wife just says "he's just a puppy" but that's not the issue in my eyes. Many thanks Gareth
  9. My family recently adopted a young Border Collie who came to us as a stray. My husband was quite nervous about taking on a new dog, especially considering we have a 1-year-old daughter who I stay home with. I assured him that I would be able to care for and properly train our new dog, Archer. So...we've had Archer now for about 3 weeks. He exhibits pretty normal puppy behavior (he's just under a year old) - chewing, has some potty training accidents, nipping, etc. I'm hoping that someone more experienced with BCs than myself can offer some advice on proper training as well as what to expect from our dog. I began some basic obedience training (heel, sit, come, stay) and I'm seeing some progress. However, if he is the least bit distracted he does not come when I call him. In fact, if he is off leash outside he will completely ignore me, which means we've had to chase him through the neighborhood a few times. I have two young nephews who get rowdy, and if they run he chases after them and nips them. I know that is pretty common behavior for BCs but how do I keep it under control? How do I teach him not to herd children or other dogs? How can I train him to come to me when I call him, even when he is distracted by other dogs or people, etc? And most importantly, what is the best way to keep him occupied so that he doesn't try to escape constantly? He no longer dashes out of the house every time the door opens but I'm worried about him getting out of the yard. I walk him at least twice a day and practice our obedience training several times a week, with lots of playing inside during the day. But I cannot trust him off-leash outside AT ALL. Will that ever change? We are getting a new house and are planning on building a 6-foot privacy fence. Could he climb that? Should we build a pen for him? Do BCs dig out from under fences? I hope someone has some advice for me. I don't want this guy to get away from us and end up getting hit by a car, and I don't want to give up on him as we have become VERY attached to each other. But I need some reassurance that he will become better behaved.
  10. Hello, everyone! I am a BC beginner and I will be getting my first Border Collie. She will be just about 8 weeks old when I pick her up. I am extremely excited, as I've been searching for the right puppy for a few years now. Even though she comes from a strictly herding line, I've decided that I would like to train her for both flyball and agility when she's older. I've been involved in flyball for about two years now and I am a complete beginner in agility. So, I have a bit of a dilemma that I'm hoping a few of you can help with. How should I go about as far as training classes go? More specifically, which classes should I take (obedience, foundation agility, etc.) and when is a puppy considered old enough to begin said classes? I'm aware that a puppy cannot be subjected to repetitive, strenuous activity until they are about a year old. That being said, what should I be doing with my puppy until then? Also, are there any general (not necessarily sports-related) training tips you can offer? Or any information you'd feel would help a novice? I'm a bit nervous for my first BC and I want to do things to the best of my ability. So, any knowledge would be incredibly appreciated! Thank you!
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