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  1. Awww what a cutie! Look at that face!! Was the mom a BC?
  2. Ok ... lets try this again .... Got it!!! Thanks!!
  3. Alright, here is a standing profile pic: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3308/344622...0566c63.jpg?v=0 (still can't figure out how to post pictures here! )
  4. Hello neighbor! We are in Superior right now but probably moving up to Longmont when our current lease is up! I wish I had grabbed the pictures of her littermates off the Boulder Humane Society website before they pulled them down (three of the four got adopted the first day they were in the adoption area, the fourth got adopted the next day!). Two of them looked like her but were even fluffier, the other had a shorter coat more like a Cathoula. Her coat is sort of in the middle of the bunch!
  5. I have heard great things about the booties from dogbooties.com! We have had great luck with the Ruffwear booties but I can see how some dogs might not like them as they are pretty heavy duty and stiff.
  6. 3DogMayhem, you are on the lab board!? haha! Small world!
  7. We have those boots for our lab (and will probably get some for the little herdy pup for when she is old enough) for hiking. They are AWESOME!!! There was one mountain in particular that I am POSITIVE we would have had to carry her off of if we hadn't had the booties. The key is to put them on the dog and then IMMEDIATELY take them out to do something fun afterwards so they forget they are on. And you have to cinch them pretty tight. Good luck!
  8. Thanks! The lab (who is possibly not lab at all! lol we call HER a "North American Black Dog") is loving having a buddy around! I'll try to find/get some standing profile shots.
  9. That's great! Assuming she likes hiking she will be hiking in some pretty tough terrain when she gets older ... we'll try to keep her away from tough animals tho!
  10. LOL! I can't imagine getting bored of her. For now we are telling people she is a Rocky Mountain Spotted Puppy. Its kind of like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever ... but cuter and more fun.
  11. Thanks guys! I don't really care what she is, I'm just curious to see what others think. She was part of an unwanted litter that came from Salina, KS, and ended up at the Boulder Humane Society. I have NO idea how common Catahoulas are in Kansas! She has been SUCH a good dog so far! I'm sure the devil puppy will come out eventually but for right now we are enjoying the calm before the storm.
  12. Hello, everyone. This is my first post here! We adopted a puppy from the shelter last week and we are trying to figure out what she is. The shelter said they think she is Aussie/Catahoula but other people have suggested she may be a BC mix. All I know is she is super cute, super sweet, and VERY smart! My mom is convinced she's Aussie/BC. You guys are the experts on herding breeds ... what do you think? She is about 4 months old and 25 pounds. She has a tail and a medium length coat (at least compared to our lab!). She's pretty much solid merle except for her chest which is silve
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