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  1. ya...i also realise have a BC needs a lot of supervising and is always frustrating. one of her habit is sneak through the fence to the neighbours back yard. it always happen in a very unappropriate time, which is 6 in the morning. when the door bell rings in the early morning, i know trouble comes.....i feel so sorry to my poor neighbours....
  2. she has a white patch between her ears, i asked the pet shop when last time i went for vaccination, they said she is pure border collie she is 4 month old now, i will try take some her newest photo and upload to here
  3. ya....sometimes i feel food is her master and i am the slave.....when i have food in my hand....she quickly follows every command, when i don't....then it all depends on her mood
  4. ya...she is soooo cute, the face she looked at me is the reason i brought her home i wish she can be a very happy little puppy
  5. i am an oversea student in Brisbane, Australia. Cherry now is 4 month old, she is growing very quickly but her coat doesn't seems to grow(only a little bit). i had tried the crate training.....but she won't stop barking i heard people say, if dog is eating raw meat with blood, they will tend to be more aggresive, is that true? i always wanted to buy her some chicken necks for treat.
  6. Thanks Sue, i have read "Read this First" and cherry have done vaccinations and worming/parasite medications. for her health issue when she is mature, is it possible for me to minimise the risk by offering better food and more exercise for her?
  7. thanks for the information Cherry and i do at least 1 hours walk every day, and we go to dog park once every week. She likes to chew on everything, furniture, carpet, curtain, door....etc , except her toy and ball..... no matter how hard i try to attract her attention with toy or ball, it never works..... every morning when i waked up, there is always a suprise waiting for me in the back yard or in the house. she is such a little destroyer...
  8. Aww.. the pet shop didn't give me her birth certificate when i bought her.. she is very energetic, any chance for her to be unhealthy puppy?
  9. Hi everyone, i bought a BC puppy from the pet shop. Is she gonna be rough coat? or smooth coat? she was 7 weeks old when these photo are taken
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