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  1. Anything wrong with giving small cooked pieces of chicken hearts, gizzards and some pork to a puppy for training treats? It will be kept refrigerated after cooking. I have been using pink salmon in a batter in pyramid silicone cooking trays that work well. Just though I could give them a change.
  2. Where would one go to find out the legalities of selling puppies in a state? It would be good information to no for the next pup I might buy.
  3. I believe this is true. She only has a few pups for sale on her web site but many more that are not even listed yet, and every color that there is I believe.
  4. Thanks Journey and GentleLake. I have been enjoying him and I am real happy with him. He does seem like a wonderful pup but what do I know he is the first BC pup I have ever had. He is 52 days old and all ready he is fetching the ball and bringing it back to me and he is sitting now. I work with him all the time with lots of praise and treats. He seems like a smart little guy. So even though he came from a HVB in Michigan he is just what I was looking for, at this point anyway.
  5. In my exuberance to replace my last border collie, I probably made a bad mistake. After purchasing my BC puppy I have found out the the breeder has been on the top 4 spots on the high volume breeder list 4 years in a row. Two of the last 2 years she has been in the number 2 spot in the nation. Boy, have I screwed up or what! Though I love my puppy and he seems healthy, all kind of things have been going though my head now. What got me looking was the puppies mother was all Import bred, and I wasn't sure if that was good or bad. Then I was looking up the rest of what it said about the parents Full Panel Normal for CEA, DM, IGS, MDR1, TNS, NCL/NCL5 and SN. So all of these pups will be Full Panel Normal By Parentage. All pups will be ABCA Registered, vet checked, come with all shots and wormings up to date per age, heartworm prevention Seeing this person has registered 75 puppies or more for the last 4 years I don't believe she could be consider a reputable breeder, and the high volume breeder list only goes through 2016 so she may be registering more the last couple of years. Can you really trust a breeder like this? I mean do they have all their shots and stuff and is what is being said about the parents true? It seems to me this is nothing more than a BC puppy mill with the end goal "money in their pocket" though I could be wrong. How is this allowed though the ABCA
  6. Thank you everyone for your advice. I have started protecting both of them. I didn't know. This was my first puppy and I thought Taffy was out of line to attack the puppy like that. I guess I need to learn a little bit about how dogs think. I am not sure I was ready for a puppy. What a hand full. He howled and wined the first two nights. Last night he was great. Slept all the way through till morning but, he sure is and active crazy little thing when he is awake!
  7. It's been long time sense I have posted on this board but I am needing some advise. I have had 2 wonderful rescued border collies for 13 years now. One I had to put down last week because of a brain tumor that effected her sight, hearing and back legs. As far as I could tell she was about 15 years old. She was the love of my life. It broke my heart. My home felt so lonely afterwards even though I still have another BC. Taffy my surviving BC is wonderful also. I decide to get a BC puppy. I brought her home 2 days ago at 7 weeks old. My puppy, which I have not named yet, has her own crate to sleep in and to keep her safe. My problem is Taffy seems like she wants to kill my new puppy. Wow that was a surprise to me. Taffy went after the puppy the first time and bloody her nose and put a small cut by it. The second time after scolding Taffy she nipped at her again but not so bad. Taffy seems to dislike the BC puppy and shows her teeth and growls at him. I don't know what to do and could use some advice from people that have had this problem on this board. I could use help naming him also. I was thinking of Tucker, but it doesn't seem to doggie.
  8. For those that don't know I have 3 border collies. 2 females and 1 male. For quite a while the 2 females had many issues fighting all the time and they seemed to not get along very well. We have seemed to work though those earlier spats and now they play and get along very well. They seem to really like each other now and play together constantly. A friend of my had bought a GSD that is now about 4 months old. It is a female and is solid black. I have wanted a more protective dog around my place and this seems like a good opportunity for me to get what I believe would be a very good guard dog. My friend paid quite a little money for the dog (1200.00) and just wants to give it a good home as she cannot afford to keep it and would just give it to me. My question is how three female dogs will get along. Am I asking for trouble here? The GSD is still intact. I did bring the GSD home last night. My BC's seem to think it’s OK so far but they do get some what irritated at the GSD because of here puppy attitude and wanting to play with the older dogs all the time. But they seem to except her at least for now. It would be interesting to hear from people with more female dogs and how they handle them and the problems they have acquire. My opinion is a female dog makes for a better pet but I am not sure how compatible BC and GSD are to raise as a family unit.
  9. This should help. http://www.montanapets.org/statewide/obedagility.html
  10. Thunderstorms and the fireworks bother Hershey BAD! She runs for cover which is usually her crate in the house. She can hear a little pop or gunshot 20 miles away, one that I don't hardly even notices, and she is gone for cover. She stayed in her crate all night last night just shaking from fear. The other dogs are not sure of gun noises or thunderstorms yet. They are definitely not as excited about it all as Hershey is. Good post. It is interesting to see how other dogs experience these noises and why. I think Hershey could benefit from some anti anxiety meds or ear plugs.
  11. [edited by NW_MONTANA_BC to remove what he had written]
  12. Huskies are not my type of dog but I thought there may be people that would like to read the story. My appoligies if it is in the wrong spot. Maybe some one would be willing to help that one of us knows. http://www.dailyinterlake.com/articles/200...53497303_01.txt
  13. I wish I would have read this before I got Taffy chipped. This seems to be the best I have heard of yet. I guess I could of should of posted it differant. I wonder if you can get the emergency care with the others chips?
  14. Its hard to believe out of 180 or so people that have looked at this post only 18 have a chip in their dog? I had Taffy chipped today at a cost of $39.00. Seems like cheap insurance.
  15. Thank...........that is exactly my worry. The chip is a goog idea. I will all ways keep Taffy. I was afraid I would lose her do to her over friendlyness. You make a good point. Thanks for your help. I will be calling to day for Taffy to be chipped.
  16. Yes it was directed at you, as most readers understood what I was asking. After all this entire forum should be to help people deal with problem they are having with their dogs. I did ask about bonding but it seems you want to take bits and piece out of every question and answer what you think is the problem instead of reading the whole question and responding accordingly. If you have a question about what I am asking it seems appropriate to ask for clarification. After all this is how people communicate. The first 5 or 6 sentences dealt with Taffy being too friendly and getting in someone else car not bonding, did you answer that. If it was just me Taffy it would be no problem. My son opens the door; my daughter takes her for walks. I can't not control every situation with Taffy. That also why I have inquired about micro chips on this forum and it appears a lot of people are concerned about their dogs be lost. After all just sharing your experiences is sometimes all that’s needed and I see the majority understand that. Thanks Root Beer your answer was very helpful as well as others.
  17. Again, I understand I have a friendly dog but thanks for your help solving the ploblem I am asking about.
  18. It was not my intension to complain about Taffy bonding with me. I am sure that will happen. My question has more more to do with Taffy getting into everyones car and was wondering it this behavior of Taffy's will quit once we bond more. Possibibliy I have worded my question wrong or people are reading it and coming to a conclusion without understand what I am really asking. If you all read my first post you would see I am asking about BC in general and how friendly they are. My concern is Taffy is so friendly I could lose her too, as this is how I feel the animal shelter end up with her. I am glad some of the people got the intension and responded according. I am not worried about Taffy bonding with me only if the more we bond the less she will want to jump in a complete stranger car. This tread had nothing to do with Cody. I could go through and quote everything that everyone else has said also but I feel it is unproductive and does nothing to helping answering the question people are asking.
  19. I want to micro chip or tatoo my BC's. Where do you do it at? Can you do it your self?
  20. I am not sure I will ever know how Taffy ended up in an animal shelter. Over the 4 months or so that I have had her she seems to be too friendly, all most to a fault. People in the stores I take her in she just can't wait to meet them and get petted by every stranger she meets. On the same token everyone that comes to visit me she will get in their cars as if she is going with them. Even the UPS man she tries to go home with. I have to watch her closely or she will hitch a ride with a complete stranger. Even the dog catcher that caught Taffy said she open her door and Taffy hopped right in. It’s taken Taffy and me a lot longer to bond than it has any dog that I have ever had and I am not sure we are there yet. Though while we are in the house she is all ways right at my feet and when outside does love me to play ball or Frisbee with her. She not a dog to jump around when I get home and want attention from me as the others are. I have noticed when we are out for a walk or in Petco she is so excited at everyone she sees and is just a wiggle bug until they come pet her. It seems funny she does not display this kind of greeting to me when I come home. I am afraid of losing her. I suspect this is how the dog catcher ended up with her is through her over friendly nature. Am I the only one that has a BC like this? What has everyone else done or is this something that will take a lot more bonding on our part. My other BC's are not like this they are warier of complete strangers but friendly. I have all ways believe Taffy was a puppy when I got her maybe 8, 10 months old to a year but the animal shelter said they thought she was 2. I would like to give her a forever home but she seems to be still looking for a different one.
  21. Codee behaves very well in the house as I believe he was never allow in the house from his last home. In talking with the people they kept him out side all the time. His only problem acorrding to them was he was killing their chickens. In the house Codee is really good but seems to be stepping on egg shells all the time with the other 2 female in the house with him. Codee wants to be with me in the house but the girls have some say in this. Outside is where I have the problem with Codee. He seems pretty independant and just sneeks off if he is not watched real close. I have been working with him with a long line. He has such a prey drive he wants to take out after anything that he find might amuse him like deer, squarls, horses,etc. In the house you could not ask for a better dog.
  22. You are right I do not like the Codee's behavior. Thanks for pointing that out. In saying that I would rather spend my time training my other dogs. I don't like training Codee not because he doesn't learn quickly, because he is not interested in what the other dogs and myself like doing. It’s fairly easy to exercise Hershey and Taffy paying ball and Frisbee but it is dam hard to figure out how to stimulate Codee's mind and exercise his body less taken him for walks which I could do. As far as resource guarding and Codee I have solve the problem by feeding each dog in their own dish and giving Codee a lot to eat. He maintains a good weight and is not guarding anymore. When I come home Codee is jumping all over wanting to see me as well as Hershey. Taffy on the other hand seems to care less that I am even there though if I call her name a few times and approach her I do get a slight wiggle out of her tail. Taffy is the one though that is all ways following me around watching what I am doing. Taffy also does not like the other dogs around me. The fights between Taffy and Hershey have diminished greatly and they play together good now. It is Codee that is very submissive and just does what the ladies say. Others have given good information also. I know I have not given Codee enough time for me to bond with him, he seems to love me. My intent is not to get rid of him I just feel guilty of not giving him equal time. I believe this is more about me than it is about Codee. I just don't like his behavior and I don't want to spend the time to change it. I guess in saying that everyone would conceder me a bad dog owner but I love my dogs but with Codee it’s like living 2 different lives.
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