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  1. Sue.......when I was looking for ideas on what it might be I ran across what you are saying some were. It did show a picture and it seemed to look like my picture.
  2. The vet said revolution and simparica are ok together just make sure you wait a week between the doses. Revolution is a good heart worm preventive which I have to have also. Revolution seems to kill ticks the same way except it only targets one variety of tick I believe. I have seen so far the American dog tick and the brown dog tick around my home. He said that Simparica is much more effective and kills 5 different kinds of ticks.
  3. Got up this morning with the dogs and noticed a bump on Taffy's right leg while petting her. It was a brown dog tick half full of blood. Dang I hate them things!! I checked her all over and thats all I could find. I thought I better check Tucker my puppy and sure enough he hand one that had just attached to his chest but was not full of blood. I called the vet again and they had me come right in. For my older dog he said to start giving her Simparica. For Tucker he said all we could do was use a tick spray. They are both on Revolution also. Now back tracking a bit. I had noticed for a few months Taffy had on her chest what appeared to be a blood blister. Never really got any bigger but I was aware of it. A couple of days back I was brushing and combing her and it broke open. I got the clippers out and shaved her hair all around it and put betadine solution on it. I have been watching and cleaning it until today thinking she was going into the vet next week, I would ask about it then. It keeps filling back up with blood. Well I got to ask him today. He said he did not know what it was but keep doing what you are doing and if it don't clear up in a few days we will have to cut it out. I attached a picture of her. Has anyone seen anything like this? I thought it might have been a tick bite but he did not think so.
  4. Thank you! There are some very interesting to me on here.
  5. GentleLake's........ I will send you a picture and you can put your hands on him all you want. I thought puppies were supposed to be fat.
  6. I got Tucker AT 6 weeks old and was 5.3 pounds. I took him to the vet 3 days later just to have my vet look him over. The vet said everything looked good but he was a little under weight and he suspected he had coccidia. So he sent me the medicine home and I treat him. The next week I took him back for a shot and I took a stool sample as they suggested, and they say they were seeing evidence of round worms. So I did a 3 day treatment for them. Tucker will be 11 weeks old Thursday and he is still only 12.2 pounds. He seems to be growing taller and longer but not fatter. He is gaining just under a pound and a half a week. I feed him 1 1/2 cups of acana meat formula a day. He won't eat more than a 1/2 cup at a time and I feed that to him a few pieces at a time. Shouldn't he be getting heavier?
  7. Thanks GentleLake and D'Elle. I am trying to get everything right but sometime I mess up but Tucker is get better about everything now. I found out if I sit in the car or my 4 wheeler he settles down real well where I can pet him an praise him and give him treats for being calm. He doesn't seem scared of the vehicle but he settles right down where I can pet him without him wanting to bite me. A funny think happened today. I was out walking him on his leash where we always go in the back yard when he stopped dead in his tracks. There were a couple of mushrooms that popped up from the ground over night that seemed to scare the dickens out of him. It was so funny to watch him. He would stalk up to them and then high tail it back behind me. I finally got him over his fear but it was funny. Another thing I have done with him. He never seemed to like his airline crate. He would go in it up he would cry a lot I believe because he could only see out of the front door. Now I put him a regular steal fencing type crate and he seem to like it much much better. He can see all around him now. He doesn't like not being able to see me. He's always got his eye on me and when he can't see me he wines.
  8. That brings to question at what age should you be teaching him recall and having him drag a line. Tucker is going on 10 weeks old and I have been have him drag a 6 foot line. If I was to pick the line up Tucker flops around like a wounded duck. It took him a few days to get use to a collar but a line maybe different. Am I asking to much to soon to get him to walk with a line or have him on a leash? I have a 30 line but haven't tried it yet. We need a thread as too what age to teach what for BC puppies.
  9. Seem like a stupid question now that I have seen the answer!
  10. What would I do if he blows off a recall. I guess I don't understand what the consequences should be if he doesn't listen to me?
  11. Well I am so glad I question neutering my pup at 16 weeks! It did seem early but I did not know I should wait until at least one year. I do no as part of purchasing my puppy it is required to have him neutered or pay an extra $500.00 to keep him in tack. What I don't know is in the paper work what it states for a time frame to have it done. I will make an appointment to have him chipped immediately. Again.... thank you everyone for the education!
  12. Thanks urge to heard and D"Elle.........D'Elle when you say Every little thing the dog does is rewarded´╗┐ do you me with treats or praise. I don't always have treats with me but I always tell him what a good boy he is and make a little fuss over him.
  13. Had to take Tucker into the vet today for a shot. While I was there I inquired about getting my pup chipped. They said they usually chip a dog at the same time they neuter them though they can do it now but, its a little painful. I ask when could they neuter him, thinking at about 6 months, but she said we usually do it at 16 weeks old. Is this kind of young for a puppy or is this the standard now?
  14. Yes I have been today because he is being calmer
  15. Thanks Ruth..........Its amazing what a difference a day can make. He's up at six o'clock want to go outside. So I put him out there in his kennel with no breakfast today. I know he's thinking hey wheres my food! I got things ready so I could train with his treats for a few minutes in the house. I am amazed what a difference a day makes. The pup did good today, of corse he was hungry and much more interested in training for treats. I am just teaching him touch now and when he lays down I treat him for being calm. He's been calmer than I have ever seen him today.
  16. I did buy the book FIRE UP FRANTIC AND FREAKED OUT. I am working with him now on touch. I don't have a clicker yet, it will be here Monday, but he is doing good with touch. I also got THE OTHER END OF THE LEASH, but its hard for me to stay interested in because I don't care about monkeys, baboons and other things.
  17. After reading your post a light kind of click on in my head. I have been feeding him 3 half cups of kibble a day. Plus trying to get him to eat treats. It never dawn on me the reason I could hardly get him interested in training with treats was he just wasn't hungry. I would just fill up his bowl and let him eat. Some of the reason for that was the vet said he was under weight for his age, some of it was my own stupidity on training a pup. Thank you for making me a little more wiser. I have missed a lot of training opportunities!
  18. My pup will be 9 weeks old Thursday. I have had him now 3 weeks. I understand that a puppy taken away from his mom and sibling this young has not learned not to bite. This puppy is super super HYPER! There seems to be no way to calm him down. He is a maniac! Or maybe all puppies are this way, but I don't no how to handle him. He bites me and I howl like a puppy and put him in his cage. He then carries on in there growling and chewing on his toys and his bedding until he falls a sleep. When I take him out after he wakes up he is the most loving puppy and calm but it only lasts a minute or 2. He's just so untrainable all the time because he is so hyper and those baby teeth are always bitting what ever he comes in contact with. He spends s lot of time in the crate for bitting. I also have a 10x10 kennel I keep him in during the day. He runs around in there playing with all his toys, digging holes and just having a blast. Every hour or 2 I go out there and let him out and let him run around the yard and try and find an opportunity to do a minute of training but he is just a hyper maniac all the time. Where do I start with this pup? Hopefully things will get better as he gets older but the bitting has to stop as well as he has to calm down.
  19. Someone needs to go to jail for this!! AND the business, such as it is, needs to be shut down!
  20. I called her Hershey Girl. She was and still is the love of my life. The only thing she ever wanted was to be with me. She always will be. Even Taffy my black and white BC seems to be so different now that she gone. I know she misses her as much as I do. Hershey had traveled with me back and forth to Alaska 7 times and been to most state with me also. I miss my pilot. I love you Hershey! Hershey was so camera shy it was very hard to get a picture of her alone.
  21. Thanks DGS for posting what you have here. I lost my beloved girl just 3 weeks ago after having her for 14 years. She was a rescue dog also. Most everything you have said reminds me so much of my Hershey and our relationship. I have had a hard time reading your post or even talking about my girl as you have. The hurt has been so deep. I dearly loved her. I had Hershey cremated and she will be buried with me when I die. I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you both.
  22. Thanks Gentlelake and Ruth! Are freeze dryers and dehydrators kind of the same thing or is one preferred over another. It will be basically for the dogs but I like jerky too and who knows what else I would try. The dogs really like the pyramid style treats but i would like to give them more of a raw meaty version of treats too.
  23. The question that comes to my mind is.....is there a difference between freeze dried and freezer burned? I hate freezer burned meat! Or is it more of how long you keep it in the freezer?
  24. I appreciate everyones input. The only thing I have found locally is the chicken gizzards and hearts but I have not been to a lot of stores, and had a hard time finding them. I was looking for beef or pig hearts but I have never seen them. Maybe if I would asked the butcher he could direct me to them if they have them. I can't stand the smell or taste of liver so I will stay clear of that.
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