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  1. Yes GentleLakes I agree. This is what I have been doing lately for just a few minutes 3 or 4 times a day. He learns easily, its his biting and over-stimulation that bothers me the most. It seems it's the only way he knows how to play. It takes the fun out of it for me. I just have to keep in mind, he's a puppy.
  2. Maybe there some misunderstanding here. It is an hour drive there, and Tucker is crated and usually sleeps, but if he doesn't I give him a Bully Stick to chew on and he has his toys in the crate.. After we get there he comes out of the crate and we walk around on the grass and play until class is going to start. There are other dogs there he likes to see and does get to play a little with them outside. Granted he is his crate 1 hour there and 1 hour home but he does not seem to mind that at all. He always like going for a ride and is the first one at the door of the truck. I believe the class portion is way too long for him. I can see his disinterest about a 1/2 hour into the class. So while I think the over all experience seem good for him the length of the class is too long.
  3. He does sleep in the crate all the way there. Wish there was a class closer but there's not. I will try getting to the class on time or maybe a little bit late. There is another border collie in his class the same age and for the last 2 weeks only 3 others were there in his class. Tonight is the last class. I told the instructor I should wait until he matures a little first and her reply was no you should keep coming. But then again they get paid for every dog there! I will try and be a little more understanding with my pup and let him be a puppy for awhile longer. Thank you for all the support.
  4. Yes GentleLake’s he started at about 14 weeks. We have been to 6 classes. There is no puppy kindergarten classes that I have found here. It’s just Tafffy my older BC, Tucker, and myself. I socialize Tucker as much as I can so I thought if for nothing else the socializing of the class would be good for him. I believe that alone has been.
  5. Yes he is way over stimulated all the time. He is great about going into the crate. The lesson is 1 hour away so yes he’s in a crate all the way there. I arrive 1 hour early to give him time to go potty and to ajust to his surroundings and to socialize a little. He starts his bratty behavior immediately.. He does not have to be crated when not in class. His training takes place upstairs away from the other classes but he can hear the other dogs excitement. It’s a large inside area. His crate is not covered. He is overstimulated the minute he comes out of his crate. I take him for two walks a day a half mile apiece. He is constantly running as fast as he can all the time, that’s we’re we practice recall. He loves that!
  6. They call this agility 1 so I guess its not a true obedience class, but they learn the basics sit, stay, down and a few tricks. The trainer has us using 50% treats and toys to do the training with lots of fun and games. She does shaping, impulse control, lots of praising, petting, loose leash walking, etc. She does not do clicker training. The class is 1 hour long and it ready does seem a little too long for him. Theres 3 or 4 other classes going on at the same time so it can be pretty distracting for him. He is really wild!
  7. Well Tucker fail his first obedience classes! The instructor said he needs to take it again before he can advance to the next higher class. It’s not that he isn’t smart enough, it’s because I’m not. He’s just so out of control all the time. It’s taken 6 weeks for the instructor to be Albe to touch him. I have similar problems with him. When I take him out of his kennel or crate he is just so wound up you can hardly get a leash on him. He still try’s to bite and flops around like crazy. I hold him down to the floor and tell him enough and to settle. If he doesn’t then back in the kennel he goes. Then when he settles enough I bring him out again. I keep him on a thirty foot lead and he’s all the time jumping up on me. I hold him down on the ground again until he settles down then let him up and he’s at it again. He got pretty good recall and has learned a lot of different things. I just can’t get him to settle down. Tucker is 19 weeks old. Am I asking to much of him?
  8. If there is a next time I will start with the boiled white rice and chicken and leave the punpkin out.. Pumpkin may have made things worse. He seems to be doing much better now all though he’s been sleeping a lot.
  9. He did not say and I neglected to ask him. What he prescribed does't sound real great when I read about it. He tested the stool sample which was negative Metronidazole (Flagyl) 250 mg tab 1 tablet twice daily for 10 days Endosorb 1.5g tablet given 3 times a day Vetri-Mega Probiotic 1 capsule once a day.
  10. I took him to the vet this morning. They put him on antibiotics, probiotics, and a stool harding pill. Also wanted him on a bland diet for a few days until things settle down. I gave him his meds and feed him his special diet, he is sleeping now. Last night was bad for him and me. We were up every couple of hours letting him out to go potty. He really strained but not much came out. We will see how he does over the next few days.
  11. I had him to the vet 3 weeks ago today. Stool sample was negative. If he continues that will be my next step. Today I cut his feeding off a 2:00pm. Tomorrow I will make his biggest meal breakfast and a small lunch.
  12. I feed him " taste of the wild" Kibble at 4:00pm. His biggest meal is in the am. I feed him 2 cups of kibble a day.
  13. Tucker has for the last 4 days been pooping in his crate at night. History....5 days ago Tucker develop diarrhea were he would go to the bathroom 4 or 5 times in a 2 hour stretch. I believe his diarrhea may have been cause from the bully sticks I was giving him. I took away the bully sticks as well as his kibble and started him on white rice and a little chicken breast with some pumpkin added in with all the water he could drink. I also stopped feeding him after 4 o'clock in the afternoon and reduced his kennel size so he can just turn around in it. After a day or so his stool firmed up and it was not so watery any more. I have been slowly added his kibble (taste of the wild) back. He is very active and seems no different as far as his energy goes and doesn't appear sick or anything. But he has continued to poop in his kennel at night. I take him for walks 2 or 3 times a day and let him out every couple of hours but has continued to poop in his kennel. For the last couple of nights I take him outside at 11:30 pm before he goes to bed. At 1:00 or 2:00 o'clock am I here him wine and when I go out to see what is going on and he has pooped in his crate. I am not sure what is going on here or what else I might do. I guess the next step may be to take him to the vet but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him now except him going to the bathroom in his crate. Tucker is 18 weeks old today
  14. He is, and is going to be, more and more beautiful every day. Things come together for a reason. I am sure you both will be very happy. Thanks for rescuing him.
  15. Thank you!!! I will start doing more of this Impulse control. I didn't know that I was doing some of it or why I was doing it. I see how important it is now. Thank you and I did not mean to high jack this thread!
  16. Could you give some examples on how to train a dog that has a lack of impulse control? I would find that very helpful.
  17. Maybe shy is a better term for me to use here. He wants to interact with people but, I seem to think his anxiety level is so high from all the dogs barking and commotion going on that he's not sure what to do. When he does allow someone to pet him he kind of rolls over in a submission on his back and starts kicking his feet and legs and bites or nips at them and then runs back to me. He is not drawing blood or leaving marks. His tail is never held high but it does wag a little but its held close to the floor. When I have him alone at the house he will bite at me when he is all stirred up and excited, which is most of the time. Today I made it a point to him I was not going to tolerate it any longer. He seems a little better now but time will tell. I have a can with a few quarters in it and when he attempts to bite I rattle the can and tell him NO BITE and then give him a chew toy. I had been howling like a maniac when he bites me and putting him in his crate but that has done no good at all. I had him in the pet store today riding in a cart and he seemed cautiously fine with people, though he was not really interested in people petting him, he did sniff peoples hands and wagged his tail a little. He does not seem to be stiffening up though.
  18. The trainer I have at class tells me the opposite. She tell me I need to encourage more people to interact with him. The more I socialize him the better he will become. Not forcibly I might add. Most people there have some dog sense. They just don't bend over and try to pet him. They stand at a distance and try to get Tucker to come to them, and they ask me first. There are 7 classes on Tuesday night so there are a lot of dogs and people. It is a big place. They teach agility, dock diving, obedience, etc. Its all gear toward positive reinforcement. As Tucker is a young puppy and there is a lot of things going on there thats new to him, I am sure he is some what scared and has a little anxiety. Hopefully it will get better. There are 5 other dogs in his class. Tucker being the youngest. This is where I take him for training.....http://www.tntdogcenter.com/home.html
  19. I believe this may be more of what Tucker objects too more than anything. He don't like to be touched. People at my obedience class will get down to his level and try and call him over with treats in hand. Tucker wants to go see them and sometimes he does but when the treat is gone and they try to touch him he runs like crazy. If they do get to pet him he rolls over on his back with his legs kicking like crazy and starts bitting to get away. He does the same with me to a lesser extent, except I will not tolerate any more. I just hold him them until he calms down and tell him no bite, when he stops I tell him what a good boy he is while petting him. Whether it be right or wrong I have to do something. Tucker is 15 weeks old
  20. I was just curious on what everyone thought about it. The last quote was from http://doggiefunandfitness.com/2016/12/sit-on-the-dog/. I am having problems with Tucker and was looking for answers. I just got back from obedience class. Tucker is afraid of people, all people. When they try to play with him he tries to bite and get away. Even when I try to interact with him he tries to bite me. When I pick him up he tries to bite and is just uncontrollable. I do have a vet appointment Thursday to get him checked out. I have tried this _sit on the dog" a couple of times and the interaction between us seems to be much better. The instructor said I need to be more firm with him and not let him get aways with this. She is not advocating that I hurt him or use any kind of aggressiveness with him just be firm and not tolerate his behavior.
  21. For those of you that don't like the word dominance maybe this is a better explanation. The “sit on the dog” exercise often feels like you are “not doing anything” with your dog, and people are sometimes tempted to not do it. To skip this exercise is to deny your dog the gift of self-confidence, self-control, and “doggy zen.” It teaches your dog how to calm himself down by choice, it teaches him to defer to you when you are not able to pay attention to him, and it teaches him that yes, he is fully capable of relaxing quietly, something puppies can have a hard time learning. “Sit on the dog” is an excellent exercise for achieving the overall leadership role you should have with your dog.
  22. It seems as if it is a fairly good off switch. He sure is easier to train afterwards.
  23. AKA the long down. http://sanityshome.blogspot.com/2010/01/sit-on-dog-aka-long-down.html I have searched for information on this exercise on here, but have not really found any thing. I am more interested in peoples opinions and thoughts about it. Good or bad. It seem fairly simple and straight forward.
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