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  1. Sorry I am so late with a "thank you" for the group sponsorship of me and Peach. It was a fantastic trip and I learned that I have a LOT to figure out about the western sheep! It was so nice to have the support from back east.
  2. Isn't the Fogt's trial field on a harvested crop field? Mark Yes, Fogt's New Year trial was on corn stubble. It was interesting to watch some of the dogs get into a corn row path and get sucked off of their cast trajectory. Quite a few experienced dogs got pulled in.
  3. Hi all--the entry form and instructions for the Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trial have been posted at www.bluegrassclassicsdt.com. Click on Handler Info and then General Info for mailing instructions, and click on Handler Info and then Entry form for the entry form. Entries must be postmarked on or after WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 3 to be accepted; since the Open classes generally do fill, we recommend the postmark date of February 3. Full instructions below, or on our website. We look forward to seeing you in May! If you have any questions, please email me at carvalho@email.uky.edu. Susa
  4. Kristin, I just can't say enough good things about Adequan. My Trip was having some painful arthritis issues in her feet and back when she was coming 9 last year. I took her to a physical therapist and religiously followed the regiment prescribed. I also started her on Adequan last fall and saw an immediate improvement--literally within a week. Trip had a very successful spring in Open, including making Double Lift at the Bluegrass. She turned 10 in July and is indicating that she is still game to work, so we will go as long as she is willing. My vet will match internet price for Adequan, an
  5. I do competative obedience with my stock dogs. My first stock dog got an OTCh and went on to be USBCHA open pointed before she retired. One of my current open dogs has her CDX and she made the Top 20 double lift at the Bluegrass this year. When we're doing obedience they look at me. When we're working stock they look at the stock. There has been no confusion between the tasks--ever. I believe that an obedience washout on stock only indicates the keenness or talent is simply missing. Obedience training shouldn't be blamed for what didn't exist in the first place. Connie
  6. A fun first post Cricket: Crikeywicket, Puffy, Criklebeans, Crickster, Hag Trip: TeeTipper, TeeTee, Tippy, Squaw, Bigfoot Quill: Bert, Cletus, Forest Gump, Barry White, Lovemeister, MOOOOVE Peach: Peeper, Peeeeeee, Peeweeches, ChiChi, Hoss Rem: The Reminator, Remster, Mr. Baby, Whemerson, Buttplug
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