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  1. I am really taken aback w/ your comments and very hopeful that you don't have very many people come to you for dog advice!! I didn't expect my dog to be perfect I just expected my children to enjoy their pet a little more than they have. When the puppy deviated I came to this site for advice and what I got was your harsh response which was not helpful in the least!! I don't need your comments to get me to think about the situation, obviously I thought about it which is what prompted me to search for help. Unfortunately I got your response and was very turned off by what seems to be an otherwise helpful site.
  2. I actually did research quite a bit so excuse me for not being perfect at this. I came to this site b/c I realized I needed help, what I didn't need was judging and discouragement!
  3. Thank you so much for your helpfulness...I wish everyone on this site was as helpful as you and less harsh and judgemental. God Bless...
  4. I hope you are nicer to your dog than you were to me! your response was definitely a deterrent to using this site again for help!
  5. Thank you so much for your kind response. I am actually shocked by how mean people on this site were in response to my question I did do research and felt this was a good dog for our family. I realize it is alot of work but I am energetic and I really thought a dog w/ lots of energy would be a perfect match for my kids who also have lots of energy I have merely become discouraged at the amount of biting and the fact that the kids can't seem to enjoy their pet the way I had envisioned. I do realize it is still very early and she is a puppy and they take work I just wanted to be sure in dealing w/ this unique breed that I was going to be able to train her and teach her. Many people on this site were very judgemental and harsh...definitely not what I needed to hear as I am trying my best to do the right thing. I came to this site hoping for some tips, encouragement and help and i must say that aside from a few of the responses I have been wholly disappointed! Thank you for your kindness, God Bless You!!
  6. That is a huge concern, we have had Labs and never had any problems w/ biting. I understand that puppies and kids are a tricky situation and I realize she will nip at times but is it normal that she truly can never be in the room w/ the kids w/out biting them even when they are simply watching TV or walking across the room??
  7. I think I am being misunderstood...I don't have high expectations it is just that all the info I have read on BC suggests that there are some that are so innately wired to herd that they cannot be trained to live in a home environment. I have never had this breed and upon hearing this I was concerned that maybe I got a dog that will not be happy in my home. I do not want to give up on her I just want to do what is best for her.
  8. I have a 13 week old female Boder Collie and we are really struggling w/ her. Got her from an Amish breeder who does work their dogs on their farm. Informed breeder that we had 3 small children all under the age of 5 and they assured us she would be a fine pet. Was excited about puppy seeing as all the studies rave about the intelligence of the Boder collies, how they love to play fetch and frisbee and are so loving and wonderful. Unfortunately we are not seeing very much of that. She pretty much cannot be around the children as she is constantly herding them, nipping at them and biting despite every kind of punishment from gently re directing to popping her nose! She basically cannot be around the children b/c the slightest movement like just walking across the room starts her biting etc. As for exercising her she has no interest in fetch, she will chase the ball and herd it as it rolls but will not pick it up and retrieve. She will run around w/ a soccer ball which we have found to be the one pleasant activity w/ her. I have tried taking her to the park and she is horrible on the leash but again I cannot let her off the leash as she terrorizes the children. I know that some basic obedience classes are necessarity for usual puppy problems like growling over her food, teaching her basic commands etc. But before I spend the money I want to know if it is worth it...can she be a pet vs a working dog on a farm? My vet says that since she came from a working line of Border Collies her herding instinct may be so strong that it would be difficult and even border on cruel to break her from it. Is that true? How can I find out if she will be able to blend w/ our family as a pet? Is this just typical Border collie puppy behavior, should I move forward w/ obedience classes? Please help!!!
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