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  1. to all those who have been asking about Bess this last week. The great news is she is doing so much better now!!
  2. Bess has severly sprained her leg and not broken it!! Im just so relieved. 3 weeks crate rest and then back for a check up!!
  3. I have to admit I was surprised too but apparently because he couldnt feel a break and the fact over here its bank holiday weekend this is what they do. he also said because there was no swelling or heat ( ??? ) it seemed unlikely. But yes your right, this weekend has been torture for us all with not knowing, Ive sat and fretted and end up thinking the worse but tomorrow will soon be here and if it is broken I just want to get it fixed up asap
  4. Its nice to know Im not the only one who is struggling keeping them still!! We are allowed to take her out on a leash to do her toileting but even then on a very short leash shes so happy to be out shes jumping around and getting really excited! I am finding it impossible to keep her completely inactive but am just doing the best I can. Even in her crate shes pawing at the bars and her bed. We've given her her kong in there but shes going at that like a mad wonem lol, I think Ive got a long few weeks ahead of me!! Whats really sad is today is the day both pups are allowed out on walks
  5. She is still limping but putting her paw down now and is (apart from limping) completely back to her old self, she is so frustrated being crated though and looks so sad when she see's Gyp zooming around. Back to the vets tomorrow for an x-ray so I guess I will know more then.
  6. Oh no they're not at all, its just me being curious. I really dont care one way or another what her ears do but was just wondering!!
  7. When will a pups ears become pricked if they do? I think one of Gyp's might but not sure
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply, it does help to pop on and read them. Bess is really quite settled, shes fed up with being stuck in her crate and is crying off and on to get out and I feel awful not letting her. I have been letting her out to eat as though she will drink in her crate she wouldnt eat. Poor Gyp is totally lost and really cant understand why her playmate isnt allowed out and she just keeps running from me to Bess as if to tell me!! Im guessing her injection would have eased off by now so the fact she doesnt seem in pain is good. We will see what tomorrow bri
  9. Please can we have some prayer for Bess. Bess was playing with Gyp this morning and during play jumped on the chair and jumped off the arm to try and pounce on Gyp. Unfortunately in doing so shes hurt her leg. We rushed her straight to the vet who has examined her and says he doesnt feel its broken. Shes been given a painkiller injection and we have to give her complete rest until Tuesday. If its no better we have to take her back for an xray, if they find a fracture he's talking about an op to pin it. Im absolutely devestated and have been in tears since this happened, I just feel phy
  10. Ahh thanx, I think Gyp is gorgeous too, where as Bess is a little tank and has such a cheeky face, Gyp is more calm and has a face that looks like butter wouldnt melt! But oh boy the 2 of them can turn into little devils lol! Especially when it comes to socks........ their favourite pass time is sock stealing and I swear they have a little competition going between them! Ive found the board brilliant, Ive been so busy reading up that I havent really posted much, everytime Ive come on to ask a question after a quick search Ive managed to find the answer but Im sure as time goes on there wi
  11. Just thought Id pop on and give a quick update on bess, things are going great, shes an absolute dream and I cant imagine it here with out her now!! AND we now have another addition This is Gyp, we had no intentions of getting another but she was from a litter we had originally looked at before Bess. There was no specific reason for not choosing one only that I fell in love with Bess the second I saw her. Anyway the owners rang last weekend as Gyp was still available, a couple had been interested but had decided on their second visit she was too ugly!! She is gorgeous and I am soft.
  12. I hope they arent too big I didnt realise taking pics would be so hard lol, I have laods of her bum or disappearing tail
  13. Hi Im Beckah and the very very proud owner of Bess our 9 week old puppy. This is a new adventure for us as before this I have only ever rescued adult dogs, so Im sure I will be spending loads of time here asking advice lol!!
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