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  1. I always throw the ball and disc down the hill. I was thinking she would get more exercise running back up the hill to me. Emma always get this crazy look to her when she plays. She also does it in agility. Always go go go never stop.
  2. Emma Hyperextended her leg going over a jump. Then she ran into the dog walk with the same leg. During her first trial she injured her leg again in the tunnel.
  3. Is agility hard on your dog??? I have a 20 mo. old bc. She has been injured 3 time in agility and once in flyball. Thinking of taking her out of agility.
  4. is flyball bad on dog joints more then playing ball
  5. my dog is a ball hog just have to make sure she is faster of knows how to get a head start
  6. Just wondering what you think of flyball!!!!!!!!
  7. dogs will be dogs let them have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. that was a one time thing I only have her play on grass now unless we are at flyball of agility
  9. I play fetch and frisbee with my dogs all the time. I even use the ball to train weaves, sit, stay and downs. My dogs play fetch in groups also. Never had them run into each other. It also helps my bc to be around other dogs. She never try to get the ball from the other dog just follows them around until they drop it and then brings it back to me.
  10. I love the pic. of Seek DROOLING!!!
  11. I think we kind of got off the subject! I have a BC dog from Canaan Ranch and was looking for other BC’s that came from Canaan Ranch. My girl Emma is 9no. now and loves agility and playing ball. She is a very smart girl that learns really quickly and always wants to work for me. Can anyone tell me how there Canaan Ranch BC turned out?? I know alot of them end up in a foster home or at a BC rescue. I don’t think it’s a breading problem it’s because the owners did not do there home work before the got there BC. I noticed a lot of the BC that are on the NW BC RESCUE are still very young. What do people think that they can get a BC and have it trained in a week!!! I know there very smart but they are like 2 year old kids. http://www.pnwbcrescue.org/dogs.php?ShelterId=WA
  12. Emma is a sweet red devil. Loves people and agility. I have had her around kids’ age 9mo. to 5yr. old and she does fine. They love to play with her and Emma love to kiss there face. Emma is doing well in agility. Does anyone know of any agility dogs from Canaan Ranch? She does have a little dog aggression but with the right training I can fix it. Does anyone have any advice on how to stop her aggression? (Emma is only 9mo old)
  13. I never tell Emma where we're going. When we go I say "lets go". She will go out the door and get in the truck. When we play ball I say "brake" and she will stop and get a drink of water. I love using commands with Emma. [/img]
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