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  1. Congratulations, Liz! And happy birthday beautiful boys!
  2. Yeah, I should've mentioned also in my post taking out after every elimination-inducing activity (sleeping, eating, drinking) and crating when unsupervised. And other people mentioned enzymatic cleaners--it's the only thing I've found that completely eliminates the smell and prevents re-soiling.
  3. This worked for both of my dogs: step one: name action "go potty" step two: name "outside" and "inside" step three: bring treats with you outside--when he goes potty outside get REALLY excited and say GOOD GO POTTY OUTSIDE step four: when you catch him going inside make a really big deal and sayNO POTTY INSIDE. then bring directly outside and say GO POTTY OUTSIDE It took like two weeks of this with Vala, after a life of never having to hold it and living all her life outdoors. My first dog Pan learned this at like 12 weeks...
  4. I'm just seeing this thread. SO GLAD HE'S BACK. He sounds like such a good guy too. This really was so uplifting to read.
  5. Wait to spay until 3 months after she goes out of heat to avoid the potential of rare hormonally induced behavioral problems.
  6. The parallel walking I've done and seen done is yes about 3 feet apart. If you do it every day for twenty minutes for a week (or maybe even the whole time Tilly is there) maybe they will come to trust each other better. It seems important to have them doing organized activities together at first, closely watched, and sharing things, so maybe they can learn neither is a threat. But this sort of thing does take a couple months from what I understand, to get dogs truly used to one another. And of course, if Bess went ballistic at Tilly's crate, I wouldn't be surprised that Tilly growled! Poor Ti
  7. Has Tilly had a full vet workup? Maybe she isn't feeling well - maybe it's more than a pinched nerve or maybe the nerve is still causing her pain - hence the personality change. Maybe she is stressed around other dogs. Vala used to be VERY nervous around other dogs when she felt really sick; she would even snark a little if they got too close, because she was scared and wasn't feeling well and knew she couldn't protect herself. But now she is much calmer around other dogs though she still prefers human interaction.
  8. She is great! And she does fit in perfectly with our family. She really does seem to enjoy the pet life. She gets one long walk a day, including recall practice in the field, and then a few short training/play sessions throughout the day, but most of her free time is spent on her back on the bed, stretched out, luxuriating. When she's cured of the heartworms, I imagine she'll want more consistent and longer-lasting activity - at which point she'll get it! But for now I think she figures she's got it good. Thanks, all, for the well wishing!
  9. So cute! Gypsy is one clever dog. Thanks for posting!
  10. After having Vala with us for almost six months -- we adopted her August 24, so it'll be six months on the 24th of February -- she is a changed dog. It's amazing. Yes she's had a lot of vetting: we finished antibiotics for kennel cough, a bunch of dewormers for tapes and hooks, a bunch of DOXY/IVM cycling and a first Immiticide shot for heartworms. Yes we've shown her a great deal of affection, attention, training, and tender loving care. But this once skinny matted yellow-and-pink-furred 27.1 pound timid hider who jumped at every noise and bolted for her kennel, sometimes knocking it over on
  11. OK and an added warning, two months is good, but those are the ages at which I understand there can be fluctuations in dog-dog relationships, your dogs are both basically teenagers (eep! teenaged dogs! I love my three year old BC! she is so mature!!!), so I'd definitely take it super slow leaving them alone until their personalities are solidified! And you might want to work on a solid default down (repeating lots of times a day) so you can call out a down in the middle of too-rough play and it will stop them because of an almost instinctive obedient response. You really can get them that good
  12. OK, first, I agree that sometimes Really Fun Playtime sounds scary to people when in fact it is still just Really Fun Playtime for the dogs. Reading the dogs' body language can tell you what is really happening. My old dog LOVED my sister's corgi and was totally submissive to him (even though he was half her size), but when they played and chased it sounded SO ROUGH! And they nipped a lot. But no one was getting upset either. They were both very high energy dogs. Dog body language links, if you need them (probably you don't--but reminding yourself of these behaviors and their meanings may
  13. Yeah maybe what ItsaDogsLyfe said above first, then the treating - but yes, even when Vala is really nervous she will still eat a bit of smelly salmon for example. Thank you! Yes Vala is looking and feeling very well these days! And she is getting less and less timid all the time - though still polite of course (erm, for the most part). She is even learning the names of her toys and doing minor tricks and enjoying helping around the house. Very exciting, for a dog who never lived inside before or learned very many verbal commands... Here are larger version of the photos, which my
  14. You could try walking her in and out of the house and as soon as she goes out (or even if you have to carry her out the first few times) giving her some really smelly top notch treat (like fish or chicken or something) so that she begins to associate the garden with GREAT THINGS! If you can get her to eat that is. Might take some experimentation to find something that is so good she'll eat it even when nervous. For Vala this is peanut butter. . . P.S. The video of Mel and Sam on the bed is so precious! It's clear you love them so much. What a great home you've given her! my husband and I
  15. Second this, although the knickers story is precious.
  16. Vala is mildly thunderphobic and sound reactive (only thunder, thunder-y noises, and the clicker basically at this point although at first a TON of things like electronic sounds and music set her off--so she's come a long way but unfortunately we live near a pipe yard and she can still hear barely audible thundering noises just under the scope of normal human hearing off and on throughout the day). During the day in the house at first she ran PELL MELL for her kennel every time something dropped in the pipe yard (it's a barely audible sound from about half a mile away but noise carries well he
  17. You'd think Kenzi would've looked to her older siblings and copied their nonchalance... Maybe next time... Another good dog! I don't know what Vala would do if we had, or if she thought we had, an "intruder." She likes people, especially strangers (I know that sounds weird, but it's true), soooo much.
  18. Wow! I assume your car didn't get burglarized--maybe Kit scared the would be burglars off! Can I get another good dog! All this reminds me of the post a while back with the BC who acted weirdly until the truck s/he was riding in slowed down and pulled over, right before it blew a tire...
  19. I know!!! After she pointed with her nose and gave that talky bark, as I walked inside chuckling, I couldn't help but think, "What's that, Lassie? Timmy's trapped in a well?" What's funny is I just had another discussion with DH--the first fully conscious one we've had about this--well,just beyond the kitchen, in the direction she pointed, is the hot water heater... I'm really not surprised! Although I shudder to think at what could be wrong. Thank you! Ha! Isn't it nice to know that they'll wake you up when something's not right? I love dogs. Particularly really smart ones
  20. Picture it. Four a.m. You're sleeping. Or rather, trying to sleep. But something is bumping your face. You wake up. Gradually. The dark bedroom unfolds around you, the shadow of your husband beside you, blankets, a border collie nose--your border collie's nose--she's sitting up in bed where she usually sleeps, primly and properly sitting, uncharacteristically alert for four in the morning. She's staring into your eyes with what appears to be concern. And her ears are cocked. You listen. There. What's that? That faint hissing in the night. You get out of bed. Slip on your slippers. It
  21. Re: black cats, I adopt black cats because they're slow to adopt out; people are superstitious about them. I have a medium sized (8-10 pound) black cat who loves dogs, thinks she's a dog, plays with dogs, and "comes" and "sits" for treats (Nyx, below right). This cat, dogs can bark at her - even when my last dog growled at her (redirected aggression when there was a noise or other dog on the property outside) - she didn't even blink. Seriously, she wouldn't even move off her perch on her stool; she'd just look away. She loves Vala. And I agree, only get a cat if you want a cat. But I woul
  22. Oh gosh what a terrible ordeal! Hope they have gotten unstuck by now... sorry I have no advice to offer about that. As for her noise sensitivity, do try ignoring it at first - she may simply model your behavior and realize the sounds aren't a threat - esp. if you bring Sam with you (after you get this other situation under control). In contrast to the above post (did I miss something?), I do think I remember you saying you were planning on getting her spayed yes? Even though Sam is already neutered. That you'd get them both done. I do hope I'm right and you are planning to make t
  23. Love the pictures!!! She is gorgeous and it's only going to get better from here! No wonder Sam is smitten! Feed her, bathe her, groom her... and wait. The mats have to come out and new fur has to grow in. Vala came to us with the same problem: brittle old fur, matted, the white fur was yellow and/or pink. That's what a life of living outside with no grooming will do. So it takes time but good food and grooming will do it. Week One, August Week Two, August Week Three, September Week Eight, October Four months, December Five months, January Keep
  24. YAY! I'm excited to see pictures. She could just be scared of all the pressure on her to work! Chances are gentle handling and lots of affection will turn her around... Pets are pampered! They don't have to do much; it is us who have to keep them entertained. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she really blossoms in her new home. So glad to hear Sam was neutered too.
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