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  1. Malvie, good luck keeping that little ball of fire quiet! Also, don't be surprised if the vet adds that he wants her to stay pretty still (not strict cage rest, but stay indoors or on leash at all times) after the first shot. I got the same directions for both parts of the treatment. And my Vala got pretty sick from the first shot, which can cause thromboembolism in and of itself. So I'd be careful about that. Vala is still doing well. We're on day six, and she has only hacked once, and is showing no signs of fever or thromboembolism.This time she seems less affected by the shots. I've bee
  2. I know. I could've gotten a rescue with a clean bill of health (already treated for heartworms, or kept on preventative), but Vala was sooooo sweet... I had to adopt her! Hopefully she'll be fine (knock on wood) and in a couple months we'll have the sweetest dog in the world, who will also be healthy! She is such a great dog, seriously, you should see her with children, she really deserves a long healthy life, she's such a sweetheart.
  3. LOVE IT! What's worse is apparently, like me and my "Mean Collie Theme Song," you sang it enough to memorize it!
  4. That's how Vala tested too initially (4+ on the slide--that's just the microfilariae -- larvae -- but a high presence of larvae usually means a high presence of adults). We had the exact same plan as you except we treated her with doxy for 4 months before doing the first treatment, and then she had just had a thromboembolism scare when it was time for her to go back for the two shots, so we put it off with more IVM/DOXY cycling in between. Are they having you give her heartworm preventative too now (IVM)? How bad are her symptoms? Doxycycline made a huge difference in Vala's energy level.
  5. Today she seems fine, I think the lack of eating was from the Tramadol. She seemed fine this morning, perky and not panting or licking her lips at all (probably thrilled she wasn't going back to the vet again, LOL), so I didn't give her the Tramadol which makes her sooo loopy and wild-eyed, I only gave her the Rimadyl--called the vet and they said that was fine. So today she ate, and she is bright eyed and bushy tailed (tail up, feeling playful). Sleeping more than usual but that's awesome since she's supposed to rest and stay put. I'm glad there's been no initial reaction. It looks like I jus
  6. Thanks all! She is home again tonight, with 4 prescriptions: Tramadol for pain, Rimadyl for pain, doxycycline for protein inhibition to decrease the incidence of thromboembolism due to heartworm death, and another drug for the diarrhea she developed on the way out of the vet's... Her hair was falling out too though so I think it was likely just nerves, but I figured better safe than sorry so as soon as I saw it I walked her back in to be seen one last time. She's not eating anything but stuffed kongs and even that snacking only lightly, but I think her hunger will come back as she feels better
  7. You're welcome. I remembered typing this in the car today and cringed, wondering if I was "oversharing." Lucky for me and my cheesiness, Vala is a very silly girl, a big baby, who appears to want to stay that way forevah! (She's about four.)
  8. Sending good thoughts from the Deep South. I'm with Tommy... What is that, and how could she pick that up???
  9. Vala is not registered, so there's no official embarrassment, but the unofficial ridiculousness abounds. Aside from Vala, we also call her Miss Collie or Collie (which is pretty stupid, but somehow it stuck, my husband and I even made up a theme song to go with it) and when she goes into super-cute-look-I'm-a-puppy-pet-me-mode, we call her Bug. Here is the song. If you were to hear me sing this, it would totally deflect ALL of your embarrasment regarding your dog's name onto me: [Disclaimer: Vala is the sweetest dog in the world, loves kids and old people especially, is extremely well beha
  10. I used a baby naming book that listed names by culture, checking the Scottish, English, and Welsh section, before eventually settling on a two-syllable Welsh name that meant "chosen" for my girl (Vala), who was a rescue from the municipal shelter. One syllable is the traditional length, sometimes two. Maybe the owner of "Colorsdiamondsforever" was a yodeling shepherd. I'm joking.
  11. Thanks everyone! Update: she'd never stayed overnight at the vet before, so I talked to a vet tech about night procedure and found out no one checks on them except a walker. I asked if she could stay the night here with us, with that in mind, and since she spent the whole weekend at my in-laws' (we had to go get a bunch of baby stuff for the nursery from a friend in Dallas). The vet okay'd it, so she is here, alternately lounging on the bed with me (I lift her up onto it), lying on the floor at my feet in here, or kenneled up. We're about to go to bed, she just ate her dinner all up (heal
  12. Please keep Vala in your thoughts today and tomorrow. She's at the vet getting the second part of her heartworm treatment--the two shots, two days in a row. I'm worried about her. We started doxycycline-IVM cycling nine months ago, with some okay results (no larvae in her blood anymore and a great relief from symptoms by December), then we did her first Immiticide shot right after Christmas. She was so much better after her initial reaction to that shot, with zero heartworm symptoms, this spring, that we had hoped she would never need the second part of the treatment. But a month or so ag
  13. My Vala has been on doxy and IVM on and off for 9 months, to treat her for a particularly bad case of heartworms. I can vouch personally that yes, it does affect appetite. But its other abilities make it worth it...
  14. Thanks, but I didn't mean to advocate using a cat as bait! In my situation, it started with the cats (or rather that was how we first noticed it because that was who she was first introduced to), so that was the initial problem that needed to be solved. Whatever you do, be sweet to kitty! I only posted my strategy because it was what worked for me, pretty well, and quickly, a positive approach. I imagined you would have to do a lot of adapting for your scenario (like using another solid temperamented dog Duncan's size).
  15. I have two crates for one dog and two cats. One big crate in the bedroom where Vala sleeps and gets treats (her safe place), and a medium sized one in the living room sort of behind the couch which is used mostly to confine Vala outside the bedroom on the rare occasion in which she acts up in her bedroom crate (once I made the mistake of letting her out at 2 am when I was mostly sleeping, because she was pawing the bottom of her kennel weirdly, and I thought something was wrong, and this made her think she could paw the bottom of her kennel noisily anytime she wanted to be let out for a few d
  16. Vala resource guarded me from the cats (and neighbors' dogs) when we first got her (low level aggression, muzzle punching basically, with the cats, and a very brief lip curl with other dogs--the occasional barely perceptible growl). The solution was several steps long and started at home: (a.) teach her a time out cue, that makes her remove herself from the situation, (b.) send her to time out when she did it, shut the door on her, and make a HUGE BIG DEAL outside the door loving on the cats, (c.) teach her that if she calmly approaches and sits while I am petting the cats, I will love on both
  17. Louisiana person here, born and raised in Baton Rouge. My in-laws were displaced by Rita and Ike. So many of my friends and family displaced by Katrina. Please consider calling them evacuees, not refugees. "Different socio-economic background" or not, they were not seeking refuge from another country; they're Americans. And by now, they should no longer be referred to as either term; they're Houstonians. Plus I'm sure they aren't all dogfighters. (Although any who are lose my sympathy.) In any case, glad your girls are all right and glad you're keeping Bessie. Regarding your question abou
  18. Meg is GORGEOUS! She sounds so sweet too. And smart. There've been several topics about this! My BC Vala does this during walks and at home, for example she just walked up to me while I was typing this and touched me on the thigh with her nose so I'd look down and pet her. I look at it like a check-in, or a plea for attention. Vala isn't particularly insistent about it so I always look down and see her smiling and staring lovingly into my eyes and give her a pet on the nose. She is usually smiling happily like hello, I know you've been staring at that screen for a while, did you forget I w
  19. i am so sorry - i know how you feel, having to spend any time apart from him. i will keep him in my thoughts. any news from the vet when you called? is he continuing to have seizures while there, or have they stopped? what are they doing there for zippers now?
  20. Here is an example of how to work with reactivity when the dog is under threshold (don't know what the technical term for this is, but it's what my veterinary behaviorist told me to do). It's very simple and not hard. Pan had sound reactivity. Anytime she heard a new sound she hadn't heard before (once it was the sound of a paper clip dropping on the counter, so it could literally be a pin dropping), she got excited. She'd bark like crazy and go over threshold, barking. The sound reactivity seemed to be separate from her fear aggression--she wasn't showing fear signs, at the sign of these new
  21. Mr. McCaig, I am curious. I would guess based on what I know of your background -- and please do correct me if I'm wrong, I'll admit I haven't had the time to read your work yet, unfortunately -- but it seems to me that in your dealings with (mostly? all?) well-bred working border collies, you might have come across less "reactive" dogs than people in the rescue world or pet world do (where we don't know a dog's lineage, and dogs may have really screwy genes from having some or both parents conformation-selected, so are thus less likely to have sound temperaments). Again, I apologize that I ha
  22. Vala exaggerates her feelings for others' benefits too. Strangers walking by she wants to pet her (going into this almost invincible cute puppy routine that will even stop serious joggers)--but when she is allowed to go up to the people, like Odin, she's COMPLETELY CONTROLLED, sitting calmly... You should've seen her the other day with the neighbor's three year old toddler in the park, she was so sweet and gentle, first with her head down to show she just wanted love, and then when the girl opened up, staring romantically into the little girl's eyes and getting pet, checking back in with me wi
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