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  1. i know.. i wouldn't be able to do it and i'm 22. plus i saw she started posted here in 2006, so started all this with her dogs when she was just 14 or younger?
  2. yes, that is her.. she also has a site called musik or something like that aswell which shows the dogs doing disk flying etc
  3. hi i was bored and going through old posts on some of the boards here and came across ones about this girl who some of you noticed was going by two different names and buying dogs from all kinds of places. well i would just like to say that funny enough my cat actually has a myspace and he has 'her dogs' as friends on their and she posts bulletins about this puppy that she's been wanting.. think she has 5 dogs already and does disk flying with them and agility etc now this puppy is a very unusual colour.. redish merle i think you would call it with two blue eyes.. she found it on the n
  4. agreed. puppies, border collie's or not need guidence.. they need training and her being only 13wks she is not gonna behave just like that, all puppies muck up from time to time, its just a part of them being young, you just have to show them right from wrong. a puppy crate is a great idea, when she's bad, such as the nipping, put her in there. but you have to give her time, when you teach childen, they're not gonna learn just like that, it takes time.
  5. oh no.. poor jin, i hope he gets better real soon
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