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  1. I have been doing shots every 3 years but I worry about distemper, too. The racoons carry it and we have racoons everywhere. 2 of my dogs have health problems so I don't want to vaccinate more often than necessary but I want them to be safe. My vet really doesn't trust titer testing. They had a dog that tested ok for distemper and 2 weeks later he came in with distemper.
  2. Thank you. That is very helpful. One of the dogs I get out every day is an older Boston. I will tell her to keep her away from the dog park.
  3. I have seen 3 articles in the last 2 days saying that it is very contagious and is spreading like crazy - mainly in the Southern States. So far I think I have seen the Carolinas, Arkansas and Texas. One article said that 300 dogs have been reported as infected and it is going like wildfire at the dog shows. Apparently there are 2 different varieties, one more serious than the other. Do you have current info? Here is one article: http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/the-dog-flu-epidemic-the-real-truth/ Here is another one: http://www.whnt.com/2017/06/12/taking-action-veterinarian-warns-of-rapid-spread-of-dog-flu/ And: http://www.businessinsider.com/dog-flu-symptoms-spread-2017-6 This one seems to have the most information.
  4. No worries here in Missouri. Too much money coming into too many people who are in the dog business.
  5. I keep praying that no poor animal ends up anywhere near those awful people.
  6. Just talked to my vet. He said they have been using Nexgard to treat both demodex and scarcoptic mange with good results. The product hadn't been tested for mange but it turns out it works. Just thought I would pass it on. Also Frontline has a new flea and tick medicine out. FRONTLINE GOLD. it has 3 products in it to fight fleas and flea infestations and ticks and lice. It combines fipronil, (S)-methoprene and pyriproxyfen. Has anyone heard how well this works? I read several reviews comparing Frontline Plus with K9 Advantix II and the K9 Advantix II scored slightly higher. It actually repels mosquitos and other insects so they don't have to bite to be killed. But it is a combination of imidacloprid and pemethrin. And you have to be really careful with it if you have cats. You have to keep cats away for at least 24 hours after treatment. Pemethrin is lethal to cats.
  7. I have seen 2 articles so far saying this is going to be one of the worst tick years in a long time.
  8. I just saw them at Wal-Mart and they were over $50.
  9. I have a question. Does frequent grooming cause the dogs to develop that doggy odor? I notice that odor when I take care of dogs that are groomed regularly. And then they get groomed again because they have that doggy odor. I am just wondering if the grooming causes their skin to smell bad because all of the their natural oils keep getting washed away. I really notice that odor with all the little, long haired dogs I take care of that have to be bathed and shaved often. I never bathe my dogs. Never have. And they don't smell. I think I would notice it because I notice it right away when I walk into a house where the dogs smell bad. My dogs do smell kind of wet when they have been out in the rain.
  10. My dogs have never been bathed. Mud just falls off and they don't smell at all. I do have to get the hair on Tommy's backend clipped once in a while. Her white coat us like cotton candy and it mats really easily.
  11. According to that article they were first reported in Kansas in 2004 and have already spread to several Midwest states - Illinois and Nebraska to Texas. I have two giant shingle oaks in my front yard and the whole neighborhood is full of shingle oaks. But it sounds like the big problem are pin oaks. They have already been reported here in KCMO and in Kansas this year. I saw a picture and they can cause these great big red welts. Best thing to do is keep covered up when outside.
  12. Also called oak tree itch mites.
  13. I hadn't ever heard of these little buggers until last fall. They are teeny tiny little mites that normally live in oak trees and feed on galls. They are so small the wind can carry them for miles and they can blow right through screens. And they bite humans and pets. It is a really itchy bite and can also have a fluid filled center. And there isn't anything you can do but put anti itch cream on and wait it out. So if your pets are itching and there isn't any flea dirt or fleas it might be oak mites. Normally they are a problem in late summer before it freezes but they are around now because if the warm winter.
  14. There is a disease killing cats in Oklahoma called Bobcat Fever. It is really awful with a high fatality rate. It is caused by ticks.
  15. It is supposed to be a bad tick year here in KCMO, too. Warm winter.
  16. Wind? My dog hates the wind and won't go out if it is blowing very hard. We have windy days in spring.
  17. Wow! How exciting. Were most of the dogs border collies?
  18. Door safety chains work, too. They let the door open just far enough for the cats to get through. One of my customers has an Old English Sheepdog and three cats. We bought a $10 baby gate at Walmart. We put it across the bedroom door about 6 or7 inches off the ground. The cats go in and out underneath the gate and the dog can't get through. That way the cats have a place they can go to get away from the dog. Their food and kitty box is back there, too. It has worked great. And that gate has lasted a long time.loo
  19. There is a Petco near me. Their prices are outrageous. I looked at jar of treats that costs $8.98 AT WALMART and it was about $15 at PetCo.
  20. This latest issue was for cans processed in 2015 . It happened a while ago. This reminds me of the Tylenol poisonings.
  21. Evanger is the manufacturer, co-packer. I looked under Party Dog Food and more information on the recall came up.
  22. 2 different cans of Party Dog canned dog food. Dogs Food Advisor alert just came over. They have a really big problem. I always thought that was one of the better foods.
  23. Can you just get him out where he can run? That is the fastest way to get weight off. If he gets lots of exercise and the right amount of calories it will come right off. Good for you!
  24. When I take a dog it stays with me. I just make it work. I am more bonded to some dogs but I treat them all the same.
  25. I'm glad you wrote that. It is an important concept.
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