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  1. Just saw a Snopes report on Blue Buffalo and the lead tainted food. It isn't true. It was a rumor that got started. No recall. One man started the class action suit after he self tested the food. Only recall they have had was one for too much natural beef thyroid in some food.
  2. I saw where BB has been sold to General Mills for 8 billion dollars. There is huge money in the dog food business. I am just hoping that Fromm doesn't sell out. Petsmart just bought out Chewy because they wanted to get in on the lucrative mail order business.
  3. I am just going to throw this out there. I have had 7 puppies. All purebred. All from breeders of working dogs. Of those 5 have had serious health issues. I don't know whether it has just been bad luck or whether the breed has some serious health issues. I have had probably 6 rescues and they were all healthy but I didn't get them until they were 3 or 4 years old and by then most of the early problems have been weeded out. I had one I pulled from a small town shelter that had to be treated for heartworms but that isn't genetic. My next dog will be at least a year old. I am not doing the puppy thing again even though I love puppies. A whole lot of the serious health issues show up in the first year. Not true for epilepsy but I am willing to risk that. I will probably try to find a pure bred working bred dog that has washed out for some reason. I don't care if it works well or not. But I like the disposition and looks of the working dogs so I will always go that route. And if I could find a rescue that fits the ticket I would go that route.
  4. My dogs probably get 1 oz of freeze dried most days. It is what I give for treats. They also get a couple of big spoonfuls of canned Dave's Beef and Liver each day. I give Joey his phenobarb in the canned food so everyone gets a big bite.
  5. I just looked at the instructions. A 14 oz bag is $20 on sale. Each dog should get 4 oz a day. So my 3 would just about go through a bag a day. Would it hurt to just go to the butcher shop near me and buy 5 lbs of ground lamb and just add some to their Fromm dry, grain free food? Or would that mess up the nutritional balance of their dry food?
  6. Medford, Or. I just saw this on my news feed. Butcher Shop in Eagle Point is selling ground meat for dog food. They grind up all different kinds of meat and sell it in 1 lb bag for $2.50 or you can buy a 5 lb bag at about $2.00 a pound. It is a big seller. They expect sell 400 to 600 lbs each day. They are very careful about the sources and quality of their products. You would still have to add necessary ingredients to make it a balanced food. It didn't sound like they were doing anything but providing high quality ground meat. I give my dogs some freeze dried raw meat each day - it is complete. But I couldn't begin to feed it as their main meal. $25 worth would feed my dogs gor about a day and a half. I don't have a freezer so I can't by large amounts if meat at a time. But if I could buy 5 lbs of fresh meat at $2 a pound and then just mix in ingedients to make it balanced I could handle that.
  7. There is another big recall of frozen raw foods out there right now, too. It is for salmonella.
  8. due to pentobarbitol contamination investigations: Skippy Gravy Train Kibbles and Bits Old Roy All from the same company, all owned by Smuckers
  9. Does anyone know about a class action suit in California for toxic levels of lead? This just came across my Facebook Page. I have not heard this before. The article said that this company has a 9 year history of problems with the quality of their products. I have customers who feed this and think it is a really good food. That is Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness. It is 3 am here and I need coffee. Not to be confused with Taste of the Wild. I just got Whole Dog Journal'S Approved Dog Food list and these are not on there. Taste of the Wild is on their list. That is an interesting list. There are some foods on the list that are very affordable.
  10. This was all over the news yesterday. For some reason pentobarbitol was showing up in low doses in Gravy Train. Something like 8 cans out of the 15 tested came back positive. Gravy Train is made by Smuckers and they make several pet foods. It is not like the Evanger scare where there was a big dose in a couple of cans. This is a big concern because it probably means that euthanized animals have been used in the making of dog food. Only slaughtered animals are allowed in the making of human or pet food.
  11. Proof that more geezers should wear shorts. It is a lovely painting. It really kind of catches the essence of waiting and watching with your dog by your side.
  12. I can't ever see myself selling at an auction. I would want to know who was taking my dog. I don't think this dog was too much of a pet if he was going to auction her off.
  13. Thank you. That is the one. And yours is really nice, too.
  14. I am sure you have seen this but I just saw the most wonderful painting of you and your dog done by Sue Deutscher. It was on Etsy. Do you have the original of that hanging in your living room?
  15. I was just looking at Broken Circle web site. They have clinics and trials. So if anyone here lives in the Idaho/Washington area this might be worth looking into if you are interested in seeing some really nice working dogs.
  16. D Elle: I don't know anything about ranching. You are probably right. I just read that her owner/trainer works a feedlot and said that these dogs can do the work of 2 people. I have seen some videos of those cattle dogs working in close quarters in some of those feedlots and it is really dangerous work. It would really be dangerous for a person. I would be scared to death that my dog would get trampled. For some reason I was of the opinion that working dogs didn't bring a big price in Idaho and Montana. Around KC a nice working bred dog is about $500. But I was thinking they were cheaper out on those huge ranches in the West. If this new owner could get $1,000 a pup - which is probably not unreasonable for this dog - it would only take 3 or 4 litters to get his money back just from puppies.
  17. The breeder is Robin Nuffer Brown, Broken Circle Border Collies, Mesa Ia. She breeds, raises, trains working ranch dogs. What a great way to make a living.
  18. Gurdy ls going to a working cattle ranch. I don't know how much a cattle hand makes a year but probably about what this rancher paid for this dog. The dog can do the work of 2 people. And if she was bred to a really nice dog her puppies would sell for a lot and be in demand. So as long as she doesn't get hurt or sick it really isn't that bad of a deal. http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/state/idaho/article197560154.html
  19. Gurdy brought $30,000 in Melba Ia. Pretty little red and white dog. Two year old from Broken Circle Border Collies. Sold at auction. She was owned and trained by a new comer to the dog trial world. Jeff Clausen. He is a feedlot guy who has working dog experience but hasn't done trials.
  20. Here is a list- It is in lots of stuff: Packaged goods and baking mixes Candies, gum and mints Jams, Syrups, Condiments and Honey Protein Bars Flavored waters and drink powders Chocolate Peanut butter and nut butters Medications, vitamins and supplements Cookies, desserts ice cream and yogurt (glad I saw this. I give my dogs yogurt sometimes) Cosmetics and Hair care Dental products Some sports clothing Some stuff like personal lubricants You just have to watch everything.
  21. A warning came out on the news that some companies are putting xylitol in their peanut butter. Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. Even in small amounts. Some melatonin also has xylitol in it. Read your ingredients.
  22. I just got a new customer with a new puppy. She is probably lab/pointer and came from a rescue situation on a farm. She was one of 10 puppies. Stella is just 12 weeks old. She has a great temperament and is really very smart. And she is going to be a great dog. But this is what we need help on. Stella was not crate trained and now she has to stay in her crate while the owners work. I go get her out about 12:30, feed her and get her outside. I have to keep her on an extension leash because there are holes in the fence that she could get through. And she has just started play keep a way and I don't have time to try and catch her. This puppy has more energy than any dog I have ever seen. Wow! The problem is that when she comes out of her crate she is like a little tornado. She is so happy to see me - or the owners when they get home. She just goes crazy bouncing and jumping up. And she is so fast. But the good thing is that she does calm down pretty fast. What do we do to train her to come out of her crate and not knock the bejeezus out of us.
  23. Shoot. My dogs know what I am going to do before I do. They know by the way I sit on the bed and put on my shoes that I am getting ready to take off. I feed them at 4:00 am before I leave for work. They are all sitting there staring at me at 4:01 if I am late getting up. How do they know what time it is? Same thing at 4:00 pm when they get their evening meal. I have to feed on time because Joey needs his meds every 12 hours. They know my routine down to the minute. They know that we always take a nap in the afternoon because we get up so early. All I say is "go take a nap" and they are up on the bed ready to sleep. I had a friend that had both dairy cows and sheep in the same pasture. If she sent the dog to fetch the sheep she didn't even have to tell her which ones. She only gathered up the sheep because she knew that it wasn't the right time to bring in the dairy cows.
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