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  1. Thank you. I had never even heard of this drug. There is a lot of information out there on it. It was originally used for epilepsy. It is not FDA approved for pain control but it seems to really make a difference in cancer pain and chronic pain. Good thing to know. I have 2 older dogs. Tommy gets Metacam every day for arthritis. Zeke seems ok for right now. And Joey has epilepsy.
  2. Henry is getting 400 mg once a day along with 50mg of Tramadol every 8 hours. She can give him 400 twice a day if she needs to. That gabapentin is high because the cancer pain is bad. I looked it up and the normal dose is 1.4 mg per pound. They use it for chronic pain and cancer pain. Comes in 100mg and 300mg. I don't know what the safe dosage for Rimadyl would be if you mixed it with other meds. Can you just call and talk to the vet just to be sure the dosages are right for arthritis. When you start mixing them it can get tricky. Don't want to over do it. I know I would feel comfortable talking to my vet about it over the phone. I think the gabapentin has to build up to a certain level before you see results. The vet said it didn't work right away. WARNING. I just read that human gabapentin can have Xylitol in it which is very toxic to dogs. Be sure to ck on that.
  3. I think it is the combination of the gabapentin and the NSAID that does the trick. That is what I read anyway . The 2 together provide excellent pain control. I will have to ck Henry's meds tomorrow to see what his dosage is. He is one of the dogs I pet sit. He is about BC size. His vet said they could control the cancer pain up to a point and then it gets too bad and nothing works.
  4. There is a warning out on Sileo. The dosing mechanism needs to be locked securely into place or an overdose is possible. Just a heads up.
  5. I wouldn't try again until you talk to your vet. He may be having a bad reaction to the drug. My dogs just mostly sleep but they wake up right away and are alert . May not be the right drug for you. Have you tried xanax? That works pretty well for some dogs. Just plain old melatonin works for some dogs. Just be sure it does not have xylitol in it. For some reason some companies are adding xylitol and that is very toxic to dogs and cats.
  6. I don't know if this will help but I am taking care of a dog with aggressive bone cancer in his hip. He was completely down. Was eating and drinking very little. When he did manage to get up his back leg was useless. It just hung there. I thought we were going to lose him that weekend. His vet put him on a combination of gabapentin and Tramadol. Ge also gas Rimadyl if he needs it. I guess the gabapentin does take a little while to kick in. But the results have been amazing. He is now back on all 4 feet. He is eating really well. He goes down the front 4 stairs by himself and comes back up himself. And he is back to enjoying wandering around the yard. We know it won't last forever but it is so nice to have him for a little while longer.
  7. I looked into Sileo but gave up on that idea when I saw the cost. And it only lasts 3 or 4 hours. But the reviews were really good. People said the dog just wasn't nervous any more. That would be nice My dogs get Trazodone 100 mg. My 32 lb. dog gets 1 pill and my 40 + lb. boys get 1 and a half. It lasts about 12 hours.
  8. Keto fans claim that the diet slows cancer and helps to control epilepsy. The only warning I have seen says to stay away from high fat dairy. One thing I read says it is basically the raw diet only you cook it. Trouble is that there is no research backing up all these claims. Lots of personal stories though. There is a Keto dog food you can buy but it was about $30 for 4 pounds. That would last me about 3 days. Not feasible for me.
  9. i don't know if she is feeding her raw ready made. You would really have to watch to make sure the nutruents were right. I wondered about getting enough organ meat and calcium. Keto is very low carb - like under 50 grams a day. 70 to 80 percent good fats and fats from meat. And high quality protein. People on this diet think that carbs are the cause of all earthly ills. Carbs are poison.
  10. I give my 3 dogs Trazodone for thunder and fireworks. I have not had any problems with it. It works better than other drugs we have tried.
  11. I have a customer who is on the Keto diet. She is now feeding her Boston Keto. She swears by it. Says her allergies are clearing right up Keto is very low carbs, very high fat and protein. Fat is a out 70 to 80 percent. Any thoughts on this?
  12. Regarding Obsessive compulsive behavior. I got Tommy at 8 weeks old and she already was showing her OCD. She bites at shadows and she does this little hippy hop pounce thing. I think that at least in this case her OCD is genetic. And I got my 2nd bc from a woman who tried to breed a bc that didn't have so much fire. What happened was that the herding instinct/ability fell apart really fast. Everything about these dogs us interconnected. You can't modify one behavior without affecting the whole.
  13. This may just be coincidence but I don't think so. I have been giving my dogs Trazodone for storms and fireworks. Their reaction to those noises seems to be decreasing. We have thunder in here today and all 3 of my dogs are just sleeping. They haven't really reacted at all. And they aren't on anything at all right now. The last meds they had were on the 4th. This is a big change for us. They used to just be awful.
  14. You are probably right. But sometimes there is no time. Fortunately I rarely run into situations that call for the crazed old lady reaction. Of course one has to take into consideration that a low life like this in the state of Missouri is probably armed with a 9 mm pistol, a 357 Magnum, a hunting rifle, an AR15, a bowie knife and a crossbow. Fortunately for the rest of us these yahoos usually just shoot themselves, the little lady or one of the children. I didn't used to worry about this but I do now. I don't even flip the bird at terrible drivers any more because you just never know how crazy that driver really is.
  15. Maybe. Maybe not. But sometimes when you are faced with something that is so wrong someone has to do something. I would feel a lot worse if I just stood and watched and did nothing. That would haunt me forever.
  16. It's just the way I am. May not be right. Of course, I also carry a five foot cane. Poor guy would get beaten to death by an angry old lady. When I get that mad just my language would back him off. Honestly it isn't rational. I don't think. I just act.
  17. Knowing me, I would go in with guns blazing. And damn the torpedoes. Most men will back off when faced with a completely crazed woman.
  18. I go by quality of life. And it sounds like your dog still has good quality of life.
  19. I think they have been buying dogs at auctions for a long time. So many puppy mill dogs here end up in rescue. Missouri is just full of puppy mills. I guess when the dogs aren't good for breeding any more they end up in rescue.
  20. I don't think there is any doubt that we communicate in very subtle ways with our animals. I kind of doubt that it is magical. Dogs are so good at picking up on our body language and tons of other cues. My dogs know by the way I put my shoes on what I am going to do. I generally know what they are going to do because I have been with them for a long time and I can read their body language. We are really very good at communicating with each other. I can pick up on people that I am close to. And probably my dogs and I can pick up on each other at times. I don't doubt that at all. There are lots of stories about animals doing seemingly impossible feats, knowing that their owners were in trouble even though they were far apart. But I think what Katz is talking about is just plain dangerous to his animals. And it can be dangerous to the people who actually believe that what he says is true. I saw a report on TV a while back about a man who wanted to start breeding a certain kind of cross breed of cattle. He bought a 4 month old bull calf. And he came to believe that he and this calf had a magical bond. Once the calf started to mature it began to show attitude. The man's cattlemen friends tried to tell him that once a bull started showing attitude it was time to sell it. But he didn't listen. He still thought he and this bull were attached by some mystical mind bond. They found him dead. Stomped about 5 inches right into the ground.
  21. Dogs do have food allergies. One of the dogs I take care of is allergic to beef. Others are allergic to chicken. I take care of others who can't do grains. The trick is to find out what the problem is. You might definitely be on to something if the hypo-allergenic food worked well.
  22. http://truthaboutpetfood.com High levels of toxic minerals. This may be important because these are considered top dry dog foods.
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