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  1. I guess I don't understand why you posted here. Except to start a fight for your own entertainment. There are people who come to this board who have spent years and years learning to breed really good working sheepdogs. They spend hours of their time helping people who really want to learn. They don't do it for the money. They do it because they love these dogs. They understand how really tricky it is to breed for top notch working instinct and strong physical structure and sound temperament. It's too bad you already know everything because you could have learned a lot.
  2. Doggie day care is another bad place for picking up contagious stuff.
  3. ok. Never would have thought of that. I think there is a butcher shop close to me. I will stop by there and see what I can do. I have just a small freezer so I can't do anything but small amts.
  4. thank you. I will go over all of this tomorrow.
  5. All of mine are noise sensitive. Now, let me ask you this. If I go up to the butcher and have him grind up a couple of pounds of chicken and have him add some heart and liver (not a lot) and maybe throw in an egg and just give them a little with their food at first so they don't get the runs, will that be ok for a start? Then I can figure out the rest.
  6. Thank you. I need some time to go ovet all if this. And I will definitely look into the CBD. I think I saw something at the pet store I go to on this just this morning . I really appreciate all this information. I am going to look into all of this. Can bone meal be used for the bone part? Two of my dogs would be ok with some raw bone. Tommy has terrible teeth. I gave her a raw bone once and one of her teeth fractured. I think it might be due to all the strong meds she had to take when she had polyarthritis.
  7. What kind of meat. Aren't you supposed to have muscle and bone and organ. Plus some fruits and veggies? Do you give them any yogurt? My dogs love yogurt. How much do give each dog and 2x a day? I wonder if that diet might help Joey's epilepsy? He just had another really mild seizure. Happens once in a while but it isn't anything like his grand mal seizures. He just kind of stiffens up and his head shakes for about 2 or 3 seconds. And he snaps right out of it. Scares me. Would it work to feed raw the main meal each morning and then feed their kibble in the evening?
  8. GL do you add any supplements to be sure the nutrients are all balanced?
  9. I have taken care if dogs that were allergic to grass. We had to keep them on the cement. I would see a dermatologist. They know what combination of drugs to use to stop that kind if thing.
  10. I took care of a Shelty one time that was a mess from allergies and her owner was just blowing it off. That dog looked awful and she was miserable. So I took her to the vet myself. I think she was on antibiotics for bacteria, anti fungal for yeast and a round of pred. It worked. She looked like a different dog when her owner got home.
  11. Have you seen a dermatologist? There might still be something making him itch. Did they treat for yeast along with the bacteria? I think I would see a dermatologist for something that severe.
  12. Did anyone suggest prozac? I have been reading that it can really help canine OCD. I have OCD and it got really bad. I went on prozac for 8 months and it worked.
  13. I read that if you want to be safe just ck the ingredients and make sure that peas, pea meal potatoes and legumes are not in the 1st 5 ingredients. So I ran out of my dog food and my pet store is closed today so I ran up to Petsmart. I started reading ingredients on different brands of grain free. I couldn't find one single brand that didn't include those ingredients in the first 5. Most of them had pea or pea meal as the 3rd ingredient. I just bought a small bag of Nutro to mix with my Fromm until tomorrow.
  14. I used to take mine to a big park near me. We went really early before anyone was out. But then the whole area started to get built up with townhouses and houses. Now it isn't safe for people or dogs. There are 2 dog parks close to me. One is very small and tons of apartment people go there. I think the other one is bigger but it is always full, too. It is right down on the river.
  15. I read something recently that said if it is genetic it usually rears it's ugly head at about 2 years old.
  16. It is hard when you live in the city and need someplace to get your dogs out to run. I used to take mine up yo Smithville Lake where there are miles of open grassland. But then we had run ins with wildlife. dead and rotting fish, dangerous abandoned fishing gear and eagles. So that didn't work well, either. So mine stay in the backyard.
  17. My vet was telling me about a dog that was awful. As a last resort they tried putting him in a room in the basement that had a solid oak door. He went through the wall. it can get absolutely horrible. If you live where there are lots of storms like here in Missouri it gets impossible.
  18. Around here they are stealing dogs and then selling them at swap shops. It is getting to be big business. One woman in my neighborhood was at home and caught a woman coming up to her fence holding out a steak. I knew some people who had their Australian shepherd stolen out if his kennel in the back yard. Unless you had a 6 foot privacy fence with locked gates on the inside I would be afraid to try it. I couldn't leave my dogs in their outside kennel. They barked nonstop until I got home. I couldn't do that to my neighbors.
  19. You were lucky. Or maybe I was just unlucky. Some of mine have been a lot worse than others. I got Bandit because his owners were going to have him euthanized because he completely destroyed a screened in porch. One of my dogs died. He was only 5. His heart gave out. And the storm wasn't even close. It was way off to the North. He also had mild seizures so that may have been a factor. Most of mine were noise sensitive but not really awful. Xanax helped but Trazodone works better so far. Joey and Zeke aren't too bad. I can crate them and cover the crate up and they will settle down. A friend lived on the third floor and her dog tore through the screened porch and jumped off the balcony. You really have to be careful.
  20. It was that article. The only thing that gas ever really worked for me has been drugs. I think that trazodone I have been using may be helping. My dogs have been better even when I haven't given them anything. Still early to really know. Tommy had gotten really bad and she has been much better. And trazodone is about $1 a pill and lasts 8 to 12 hours. I was thinking that one thing we should say to people wanting a BC is that they are almost all thunder phobic. And firework phobic. It can be a really big problem.
  21. I was just reading an artcle about noise phobia. There was just kind of an aside at the end of the article that noise phobia has been associated with early spay/neuter. So I thought I would ask how many people with noise phobia had dogs who were spayed or neutered early? All but one of my border collies have had noise phobia. All of my 3 that I have now are noise phobic and none were spayed or neutered early.
  22. I don't do dog parks. I worry about health issues. You just don't know what is coming in with those dogs. People say it is ok because their dogs have shots but that does not begin to cover all the stuff that can spread like wildfire in those places. And secondly I am afraid of dog attacks. From unsocialized dogs. I had a customer with 2 very expensive dogs. One was a Portuguese Water dog - full sister to the Obama's dog, and a Scottish Border terrier. She wanted me to take them to the dog park. She said she would sign a release. I had to dance out of that one. There was no way.
  23. Sue, I have been around a lot of seizures. Three of my own dogs had them. Two were mild and didn't cause any problems. And Joey has been good since going on meds. All the really old dogs that I have taken care of that had seizures died within a few hours. It wasn't the seizure that killed them. It was something fatal that triggered the seizure. So I would think that since your dog recovered quickly and has been doing well since is a very positive thing. May have just been a thing. With old dogs it is just day to day. I am always grateful for every day they are still with me.
  24. 2 of my dogs are purebred working bred sheepdogs. I have always had working bred dogs because I love their personalities. All my working bred dogs have had really distinct individual personalities . I love that. And then I always have 1 or 2 rescue border collies. i don't care about their breeding. I just look for a dog that needs a home. My rescues always seem to be healthier than my pure bred dogs.
  25. I use Nexgard on all 3 dogs. I have not noticed any unusual aggression. I haven't noticed any unusual anything.
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